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4 Crazy Things We Just Learned About the World's Biggest McDonald's

Located in Orlando, this location boasts three stories and 19,000 square feet.
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Orlando is best known for its major theme park destinations like Disney World and Universal Studios. But any travelers who have a passion for fast food and are planning to visit Orlando should know that the Florida city is also home to a very special restaurant: the world's largest McDonald's.

Customers may be surprised to learn that the largest McDonald's in the world is located in the United States since many of the chain's most unique locations can actually be found overseas. Additionally, those seeking the absolute best McDonald's location in the world can find the restaurant they're looking for in Wales, rather than the United States, according to one Michellin-starred chef.

But with three stories and a whopping total floor area of 19,000 square feet, the World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's in Orlanda, also known as "Epic McD," takes the cake. Just looking at the outside of the massive restaurant, which features a 30-foot tall Ronald McDonald, should convince customers that they're in for a McDonald's visit unlike any other. And Epic McD gets even more intriguing once you get inside.

In a recent video that has received nearly 900,000 views as of this morning, TikToker Katie Ellison offered an in-depth look at the inner workings of the location. Many fellow TikTokers who viewed the video were left amazed and vying to pay their own visit to the unique restaurant.

"I WANT TO GO!!!!" one user commented on the video.

Thanks to Ellison's video, here are four things we learned about the world's largest McDonald's.

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McDonald's pizza hasn't completely disappeared

Pizza oven at the World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's
Courtesy of @katie_ellison

The McPizza, a discontinued menu item that was introduced in the 1980s, is widely regarded as one of the biggest McDonald's menu fails of all time. A large reason for this failure is that the McPizza was made to order and required a longer cooking time, forcing customers to deal with disproportionately long wait times in comparison to other items on the menu.

Most stores ended up removing it from menus, and in 2017, two McDonald's locations that still carried the dwindling pizza option axed the product, Business Insider reported.

But for fans who miss McDonald's pizza or never got a chance to try it in the first place, they have the rare opportunity to do so at Epic McD, according to Ellison. In fact, the restaurant has a bonafide wood-fired pizza oven that it uses to cook the pies.

You can order a range of items not available at a typical McDonald's

Pizza and pasta at the World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's
Courtesy of @katie_ellison

Pizza is only one of the unique offerings that customers can snag at Epic McD. While Ellison opted to build her own pizza, her son was able to build his own pasta dish that came with a side of garlic bread.

Though Ellison didn't touch on additional unique offerings in the video, the exclusive items don't end there. According to The Daily Meal, other options at the location include Belgian waffles, paninis, and ham and cheese French toast. Customers who shared details on their experience at the restaurant on Yelp also reported finding omelettes, breadsticks, and ravioli.

Entertainment options are plentiful

Arcade at the World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's
Courtesy of @katie_ellison

There's a reason this restaurant is called the World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's. For starters, the location includes a 22-foot PlayPlace, the quintessential play area for children that is now attached to only a few McDonald's restaurants.

This location also has some fun options for those who've outgrown the PlayPlace. Customers can check out a huge fish tank and take advantage of a variety of games at an indoor arcade, Ellison said.

Dessert is far from an afterthought

Dessert bar at the World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's
Courtesy of @katie_ellison

Dessert options at a typical McDonald's are somewhat sparse, limited to handheld pies, cookies, and McFlurries (but only when the ice cream machines are actually working). But Epic McD goes above and beyond its fellow restaurants by operating a dedicated dessert bar. According to Ellison, cake and ice cream are among the options customers can sample. Other offerings include cheesecake, deluxe sundaes, and waffle cones for serving the ice cream, per Business Insider.

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