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This Is the Best McDonald's In the World, Says Michelin-Starred Chef

The food just tastes different at this unique location.

No matter where you find yourself in the world, you can count on one familiar thing that will never change: the food at McDonald's. At least that is the case at most of the chain's 38,000 restaurants around the globe. However, one particular location was just called out as being next-level—a cut above all other Mickey D's restaurants both in terms of food and service.

According to a recent report by The New York Post, a McDonald's in Welshpool, a small town in the east of Wales, was just pronounced the best in the world by none other than a local Michellin-starred chef Gareth Ward. In fact, Ward said this Mickey D's is so good, he considers it to be a top-three restaurant in the whole country.

We know that chefs are prone to ordering late-night or very early-morning eats, due to the nature of their business. They've even shared some of their favorite fast-food go-tos with us. But, to hear one actually call a McDonald's one of the best restaurants in his country is surprising, to say the least.

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So what gives? The celebrated chef said everything there just seems to taste better. He said he had a McCrispy there—which is sort of like the Crispy Chicken Sandwich—and something was different about it. It tasted to him like it was slathered in truffle mayonnaise, though he couldn't confirm that the chain used a high-end ingredient like truffles.

"It's just absolutely smashing it," Ward told Wales Online. "Everybody I speak to says this is, by far, the best McDonald's in the world."

A reporter from Wales Online, went to the location to find out if what the chef was raving about was true. The drive-thru line was like Chick-fil-A on free chicken sandwich day, with cars lined up waiting to try the raved-about food. The service was also impeccable with staff assisting with ordering and seating, and she even called them "the best part of the visit." She thought the food was delicious but didn't detect truffle mayo in her McCrispy. Still, she deemed it the best McDonald's she's had, noting that the little touches went a long way.

The best part about the visit for anyone from the United States would be the amazing differences in the menu. They have something called Cheesy Garlic Bites, a few versions of the oft-requested chicken wraps, a Carmel Waffle Latte, and the recently launched Double McPlant—the single version didn't make a lot of waves in the States. Plus, for those of you who remember the amazing Chicken Selects, they have those too.

No word on whether the ice cream machine was in working order…

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