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A Healthy Twist on Trail Mix: Diamond of California's Nut and Fruit Blend

If you're a fan of buttery-rich nuts, your next trail mix should be this nut and fruit blend.

When on the search for something easy and healthy to snack on, bringing along a pack of trail mix sounds like a great idea. That is until you dig deeper into many brands' nutrition labels. A scoop of the sweet and nutty mixture often comes with hefty amounts of added sugars and artificial ingredients. Instead of searching for a new way to satisfy your salty cravings though, just reach for a healthier blend—with a nutritional value you can get behind.

Diamond of California, a company that knows a thing or two about nuts, just rolled out three new tasty combinations to replace your old supermarket trail mix. Each batch is studded with naturally dried fruit and nuts, with no sodium and simple ingredients.

What's Inside the Heirloom Nut + Fruit Blends

Diamond of california heirloom nut fruit blend walnut
Courtesy of Diamond of California

PER SERVING (HEIRLOOM PECAN BLEND) 1/3 CUP: 160 calories, 11 g fat (1 g saturated fat), 0 mg sodium, 11 g carbs (3 g fiber, 7 g sugar), 2 g protein
PER SERVING (HEIRLOOM WALNUT BLEND) (1/4 CUP: 150 calories, 10 g fat (1 g saturated fat), 0 mg sodium, 14 g carbs (2 g fiber, 9 g sugar), 2 g protein

From their new Heirloom Walnut Blend, for example, expect walnuts, cranberries and organic cherries clocking in at 150 calories per serving (1/4 cup). Their Heirloom Pecan Blend has a sweet mixture of pecans, honey crisp apples and peaches and rounds out to 160 calories per serving (1/3 cup). We see ourselves definitely snacking on a serving midmorning before lunch comes or in the later afternoon to keep us away from the office cookie stash.

How the Nut + Fruit Blend Stacks Up to Other Trail Mixes

Trail mix is always a triple-threat in the snack world as one handful is filling, tasty and takes zero prep. But, it's just as important to read the fine print as many just won't cut it. Not all fruit and nut products on the market are created equally so we're comparing them side-by-side. In terms of sugar, this new line is not any healthier than Planters Nuts, Seeds & Cranberries, which has roughly the same 8 grams of sugar. In comparison, Target's Fruit & Nut Trail Mix also holds 15 grams of sugar per serving which is the same amount of sugar you'd find in three Oreos.

We'd go for one of the new heirloom blends every time. It's also common for trail mix, like Archer Farms Monster Trail Mix, to come loaded with just as much chocolate pieces as nuts. This may seem like a good thing while munching, but in reality, it's just a dessert in disguise and lacks the nutritional value you were hoping for. What we also loved about Diamond of California's new line of trail mix is we don't have to worry about any flavorings or dyes—only hardy nuts and dried fruit inside here.

Buy Diamond of California Heirloom Pecan Nut + Fruit Blend, $10 on Amazon

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