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The One Cereal from the 1990s You Know You Miss

We'd love to enjoy one last bowl of this sugary breakfast food.

Funfetti cake. Dannon Sprink'lins. Cosmic brownies. The '90s were a heyday for sprinkle-covered treats, and we aren't complaining. You could even have sprinkles for breakfast, courtesy of the now-discontinued Sprinkle Spangles cereal.

This sugary General Mills treat took your average cereal and covered it in rainbow sprinkles, because why not? The star-shaped cereal pieces were meant to look and taste like sugar cookies, i.e. the homemade ones you make with cookie cutters and the round sprinkles. Of course, no cereal can replicate the taste of freshly baked cookies. But for '90s kids, Sprinkle Spangles were a great breakfast, even if it wasn't the most healthy one.

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What exactly is a "Sprinkle Spangle"?

"Spangle" is a real word—yes, as in "The Star-Spangled Banner"—but it doesn't often come up in reference to food. According to a '90s commercial for the cereal, General Mills "spangled every angle with sprinkles" to make this cereal. It doesn't exactly make sense, but there's no denying that the name of the cereal was pretty fun to say.

Aside from the fun name, what set Sprinkle Spangles apart was the cereal's mascot, the Sprinkle Genie. (You didn't think those sprinkles would spangle themselves, did you?) The purple genie was voiced by the late Cannonball Run actor Dom DeLuise and would burst in on kids' conversations, Kool-Aid Man-style, to grant their sprinkles-for-breakfast desires.

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When were Sprinkle Spangles discontinued?

Sadly, 1998 was the last time Sprinkle Spangles were on store shelves. If you're feeling nostalgic for this '90s cereal, you can still relive the magic of sprinkle-covered treats with Funfetti cake mix or our Copycat Cosmic Brownie Recipe.

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