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How Restaurants Around the World Are Supporting Medical Professionals

Restaurants and citizens are providing free food for doctors and nurses.

The coronavirus pandemic has the world facing economic and public health challenges. Hospitals all over the world are overwhelmed with critically ill COVID-19 patients. As true heroes, doctors and nurses are at the frontline of the epidemic every day. People around the world are doing their part to help doctors and nurses in any way they can, including feeding medical professionals with donations from restaurants, people, and even hotels.

Curious to know what the health experts are eating? Here's how some medical professionals are eating around the world, thanks to the generosity of their communities.

Manila, Philippines: Pork, Eggs, and Rice

Eggs, rice, barbecued pork food packs

On March 14, MovePH, a division of social news site Rappler, shared photos of The Kanto Freestyle group making packages of food for medical professionals at the Metro Manila hospitals. The food packs consisted of eggs, rice, and barbecued pork Char Siu. Special notes were created and included in every food pack, thanking hospital staff members for fighting and dedicating their lives against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wuhan, China: Meal Boxes with Noodles

Wuhan food packs

Twitter user Michael reported on February 14 that employees at the Shangri-La Hotel in Wuhan were preparing meals for doctors and nurses during the coronavirus outbreak. From January 25 to March 15, hotel employees made roughly 24,000 meal boxes that were distributed to medical workers at four hospitals.

The meal boxes included noodles with crayfish, hot tea with ginger and honey. There was even a birthday cake for one of the medical workers.

Nottingham, England: Chicken and Lamb Curry

Curry and rice food pack

Rikshaw Indian Kitchen Sherwood tweeted their contribution of free lunches to hospital staff members at Nottingham City Hospital. Lunches included rice and their signature highway chicken or lamb curry. In all, the restaurant delivered and donated 100 meals to the National Health Service UK.

Blackburn, England: Pizza and Chicken Wings

Pizza from Freddy's Chicken and Pizza
Freddy's Chicken & Pizza/Facebook

Instagram account Service Care Jobs shared that a nursing team at Royal Blackburn Hospital received pizza and chicken wings as a "random act of kindness." It seems like it's not the first donation the hospital staff has received, and it looks like they're loving the community's generosity.

Shanghai, China: Donated Food & Drinks from Local Residents

Crabs food pack

Twitter user @Jiayubeauty reported that Shanghai residents wanted to show their support and gratitude to doctors and nurses by sending food and beverages to hospitals. The list included anything from Starbucks coffee to burgers to freshwater crabs. Residents were even writing thank-you notes on the food bags to show their appreciation.

The easy way to make healthier comfort foods.

Boston: Mexican Food

Villa Mexico Cafe/Twitter

Villa México Café shared that Twitter user @KingHakim410 bought lunches from their restaurant to be catered for nurses at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The nurses ate nachos that included beans, beef or chicken, tomatoes, and cheese. Citizens are stepping in to provide food to medical professionals, and it's always appreciated.

Philadelphia: Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast burrito from Burrito Bonito
Billy C./Yelp

Instagram account Trauma Survivors Foundation gave a shout-out to Marc from Burrito Bonito Restaurant for feeding breakfast burritos to staff members at Methodist Hospital. The restaurant's generosity was clearly appreciated!

Jersey City: Croissants and Lattes

Croissants at Cafe Peanut
Cafe Peanut/Facebook

Cafe Peanut shared on Instagram that a customer named Stephanie donated money that fed 14 doctors and nurses at Jersey City Medical Center. Based on the image, food ranged from salads to chocolate croissants to beverages. Cafe Peanut announced that on their part, they were donating lavender and rose lattes to the medical staff at Jersey City Medical Center.

Colorado: Salad

Salad from Snack Attack
Snack Attack/Facebook

Elevation Credit Union informed their Instagram followers about their food donation to the Women's Care and Pediatrics Unit at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins. The meal included individual salads, a nutritious meal for our heroes.

Baltimore: Dominos Pizza

Dominos pizza boxes

Instagram account user and nurse @emi.em2 gave a huge shout-out to Dominos, which gave free pizza to her and a colleague. Thank you, Dominos and @emi.em2, for helping during this difficult time.

Spokane: Burritos

Chicken, beans, spinach and corn burrito from Brickwest Brewing
Brick West Brewing/Facebook

Brickwest Brewing Company shared on Instagram that their staff was making and delivering at least 100 meals daily, including individual burritos, to medical staff and first responders with the donations of Spokane residents. They even started a GoFundMe to reach a new goal of $20,000 to be able to deliver 100 meals a day for 20 days. Talk about the initiative and commitment to helping doctors, nurses, and first responders.

Even though times have been hard, it's amazing to see how we are still able to support and help one another during a crisis. We want to give a big shout-out to all the people, restaurants, and hotels that have been helping our heroes and contributing in any way. Your support does not go unnoticed.

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