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4 Major Changes You'll See at Domino's In 2024

The chain is planning several improvements to the customer experience.

Whether it's rolling out new menu items or upgrading its loyalty program, Domino's continues to prove why it's America's biggest fast-food pizza chain. And big changes are brewing once again.

During an annual investor day conference on Dec. 8, the company discussed several plans for the future, such as its "Hungry for More" strategy, centered around marketing and menu innovation, operational excellence, and a focus on value and franchisees.

While some of Domino's upcoming changes are employee-specific, others are being implemented to improve the customer experience. A common theme for these changes? Technological advancement.

Upgrades are coming to Domino's as soon as 2024, some of which will still be in the beta test phase. Wondering what you might see the next time you order from the chain? Here are four major changes coming to Domino's next year.

1. Upgraded Website & App

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The digital ordering experience is about to look a little different at Domino's. That's because the pizza chain is overhauling its website and mobile app to optimize ordering for both delivery and carryout customers. According to Kelly Garcia, chief technology officer, these platforms will not only have a new modern look and feel, but they will also "romance through new visualizations and new product builder experiences to really drive that craveability."

Additionally, the chain is streamlining digital navigation to drive product exploration while reducing friction—aka decreasing clicks. Every aspect of the chain's website will be faster, as well. Garcia shared that different elements of this new digital experience will be gradually released, starting as early as January. The new website is expected to launch by Q4 of 2024.

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2. Personalization

Another change customers can expect to see is increased personalization during the ordering process. One way it's implementing this is through the use of a personal pizza-ordering assistant. Created in partnership with Microsoft, this feature will use generative AI to streamline the ordering process, such as by presenting images of the customers' full order before they place it.

Garcia described this experience as "more human-like," noting that the personal pizza ordering assistant will undergo beta testing in 2024.

3. Back of House Innovations

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On the employee side, Domino's is also deploying new technological upgrades, such as Dom.OS—a new proprietary operating system. Described by Kelly as a "collection of smart tools," this technology manages the flow of operations starting with the placement of an order and ending when it goes out for delivery. "He keeps one of those eyes on the customer and the other on store operations," Kelly said.

Beyond this operating system, Domino's will also beta test a new labor tool in 2024. Used with the company's forecasting tool, this technology is aimed at providing better schedules and flexibility for Domino's employees.

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4. New Ovens

Aside from in-store technology, Domino's is also looking to advance kitchen operations with new ovens. Designed to make pizzas faster and be less costly than previous models, the ovens will be installed in new and corporate stores first.

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