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5 Subtle Signs You're Drinking Too Much Wine

Not sure if you're drinking too much vino? Here are a few signs you can watch out for.

Times are tough, and sometimes you just want to pop the cork on that bottle of wine in your cabinet and enjoy a glass—or two—of vino. Yet while the act seems harmless, having a few glasses of alcohol (including wine) on a regular basis can start to negatively affect your body. Not only that, but it has been linked to some serious health issues down the line, so it's important to look out for those signs you're drinking too much wine.

Now, having a glass of wine every now and then is fine, it's just important to drink in moderation. So if you're experiencing any of these subtle signs you're drinking too much wine, consider cutting back on your vino habits.

You're feeling moody or anxious.

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If you're feeling particularly moody lately, your glasses of red wine every night could be the reason for it. Regularly drinking can affect the chemicals in your brain that will put you in a good mood. Alcohol affects the cerebellum, a sensitive area of the brain that controls functions such as memory and emotions. According to a survey done by, it's been determined that drinking alcohol can cause anxiety and moodiness during and even after consuming alcohol.

You're dehydrated.

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Since alcohol is a diuretic, you'll experience dehydration after consuming it—especially if you're drinking a lot of wine at night. Diuretic means any substance that will increase the production of urine—hence why you have to take frequent trips to the bathroom when or after drinking. Since the water in your body—and your brain—are being flushed out, this means you'll start to feel dehydration. Which is why if you do decide to have a drink, try to keep it light, and always pair it with a glass of water.

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You're experiencing frequent headaches.

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Since diuretics—like wine—will cause water to also be leached from your brain, this could mean having frequent headaches. Alcohol also contains ethanol, which is converted into a chemical that can trigger migraines. According to some studies, red wine, in particular, has been linked to causing this problem.

You're having trouble sleeping.

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According to a study done by the National Institute of Health, our bodies actually go through a "rebound effect," which is an essential way your body adjusts to the alcohol in your system. It takes about four to five hours for alcohol to leave your system, so this rebound effect could actually disrupt your sleep as it's going through your system. If you decide to have a glass of wine, choose to have it earlier in the evening—even around happy hour—so your body has time to adjust and you can sleep soundly. Plus, having a good night's sleep on a regular basis can help you lose weight overall.

You're craving sugary foods.


Even though wine isn't a cocktail (which can be full of sugary add-ins if you're not careful), alcoholic beverages still have a high carbohydrate and sugar count. When you consume sugar, your body starts to crave it due to blood sugar imbalance (from originally having too much sugar), and can even start to create a sugar addiction. Even high-carbohydrate foods can cause a sugar craving based on the way they break down in our bodies. And we all know that too much sugar can be harmful to your body. Similar to cutting down your sugar intake, cutting down the amount of wine you drink will help with those random sugar cravings you are experiencing.

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