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Easy Face Jowl Exercises To Tighten Up Saggy Skin, Fitness Experts Say

Make your sagging jowls a thing of the past with these exercises.
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When it comes to self-care, there are many diet and skincare habits you can do that will keep your face looking younger. Maintaining a healthy diet, keeping your skin clear, and targeting wrinkles are all important for a youthful appearance. One additional easy step you can add to your regimen is facial exercises, which can tighten up saggy skin under your jowls. They're quick and simple to perform, and if you do them regularly, you will see a difference before you know it! Keep reading to learn more about these easy face jowl exercises.

We learned some effective jowl-tightening tips and face workouts from Dr. Harikiran Chekuri, medical head of ClinicSpots, as well as Rachel Roff, Licensed Aesthetician and the Founder and CEO of Urban Skin Rx®. Roff tells Eat This, Not That!, "Since sagging jowls are the result of loss of volume and elasticity, it is important to pair exercises with a skincare treatment that includes a daily moisturizer and a product that is high in retinol for the best results."

With this in mind, if you're ready to start working on saggy facial skin, check out the following four easy face jowl exercises. They are not only easy to do, but will also be most effective in tightening up your jowls.

Jaw Release Exercise

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The Jaw Release exercise is helpful in toning the muscles that are around your neck and jawline. Doing this consistently will reduce saggy skin and your jowl appearance. Dr. Chekuri strongly recommends this exercise.

To perform this particular jowl-targeting move, Chekuri instructs you to open your mouth as wide as you can, then slowly close it. As you close your mouth, be sure to relax your jaw. For the best results, repeat this 10 times during each facial workout.

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Cheek Lift Exercise

woman face yoga exercise sucking in cheeks

Dr. Chekuri also notes the Cheek Lift exercise does pretty much exactly what it sounds like it will do. The added benefit? Performing the cheek lift exercise will help tone the cheek muscles, which will lift up that skin sag and lessen the appearance of your jowls. Another option to add to this movement is to suck in each of your cheeks, and stay in that position for several seconds before you release. Repeat this 10 times during your regular face-exercising workout.

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The Chin Press

woman performing easy face jowl exercises

The Chin Press is a great way to improve jowl elasticity and also reduce the appearance of skin that's looking saggy. Roff recommends completing each jawline exercise for one minute in each rep in order to enhance the elasticity of your skin.

To perform a Chin Press, Roff advises to first form a fist, then position your balled-up hand under your chin. Once you've done this, open your mouth, then close it. Create resistance by pressing your fist into your chin. Make sure you're pressing up gently, but keep the pressure going for a full minute. Once you've done that, rest for 10 seconds before doing another set. Do 3 sets during each facial workout.

The Smile Softener

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While we have no doubt that your smile can light up a room, it can also be used as an exercise to tighten up your jowls. Roff explains that by performing this activity regularly, you'll begin to see a softer contour of the jawline and fewer wrinkles.

Start this move with your index finger resting on the center of your chin. Then, smile to have your mouth wrapping your lips around your teeth. Next, open and close your mouth while lifting your jaw backward. As you start to tilt your chin towards the sky, Gently apply pressure with your index finger. Be sure you're not over-straining the muscles in your neck! Lastly, continue opening and closing your mouth while gradually moving your head back down to the position you started in.

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