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Here Are 4 Face Jowl Exercises to Tone and Reverse Aging, Expert Says

Keep your face looking young and fresh with these simple moves.
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As you age, your face jowls—aka the skin under your jawline—may hang lower, which can make you look older. While sagging skin is a natural part of aging, you might find that your jowls are getting a little looser than you would like sooner than expected. In that case, there are certain things you can do to tone the muscles in that area and keep your face looking fresh. Daniel Clayton, NCCA certified personal trainer and founder of WorkoutWisely, has a few suggestions for Eat This, Not That! when it comes to face jowl exercises that help reverse the signs of aging.

"You may want to begin performing these facial exercises one after another in the morning or at night before bed," Clayton says, adding, "As your muscles get used to this, you can progress to exercising twice per day." So read on to learn more about these ultra-effective face jowl exercises, and next up, don't miss The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

O & E

woman making "O" shape with mouth doing face jowl exercises

"This exercise tones the orbicularis oris muscle group surrounding the lips and the masseter muscle that is used to close the jaw," Clayton tells us while explaining how this simple—and fun—trick can work out particular muscles around your face and, in turn, tone up your jowls.

To perform this exercise, Clayton says to make an "O" shape with your lips, and stay in this position for one second before pulling your cheeks back to form a smile "as though you [are] making an 'E' sound, as in the word 'eat.'" Again, hold that position for 1 second. Repeat this for 30 seconds in total, and your jowls will seriously thank you for it.

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The Yawn

woman yawning face exercises

Although you likely think of yawning as a sign that you need to get some sleep, it can also be a valuable exercise when it comes to tightening up your jowls. Specifically, Clayton notes that this exercise targets the masticatory muscles in your jaw.

Instead of waiting around to get tired enough for yawns to occur on their own, you can initiate the movement by gazing up at the ceiling and opening your mouth as wide as you can, without feeling uncomfortable. Once you achieve this stretch, hold that position for a total of 3 seconds. When you relax, Clayton says, "Allow your lips to cover your teeth." Complete 10 to 15 reps of this exercise for ideal results.


woman doing pufferfish face jowl exercises

You'll want to do your best imitation of a pufferfish for this exercise! Clayton says it will work out your cheek muscles in addition to the orbicularis oris around your lips while you resist the air pressure that's trying to separate them.

To properly perform this exercise, you'll first need to fill your cheeks with air and then hold your mouth closed. Clayton says to then "pass the air in your mouth between the left and right cheek holding each for 1 second." Repeat this for 30 seconds.

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older woman close-up face jowl exercises

This exercise will have you puckering up to tone your jowls instead of readying yourself to greet a loved one with a sweet smooch. In this case, Clayton says that the "Pucker" is another exercise that activates the orbicularis oris around your lips.

While you surely know how to give someone a peck on the cheek, this exercise is slightly different. First, Clayton explains that you'll need to put the palms of your hands on your cheeks, and lightly pull down. While doing that, extend your lips forward like you're giving an "exaggerated kiss," as Clayton puts it. Add some additional tension to the muscle surrounding your mouth by making a kissing sound as you make the makeout-like movement. Do that 40 times.

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