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3 Eating Habits Ryan Gosling Swears by To Look Amazing at 41

This actor is getting fit to play Ken in the new Barbie film.

Ryan Gosling won the hearts of pretty much everyone when he starred as Noah Calhoun in The Notebook, and since then he has become one of the most adored men in Hollywood.

It was recently announced that Gosling would star as Ken in the new Barbie adaptation to be released next year, and even though fans had mixed reactions to the announcement, there's no denying that the celeb is looking amazingly fit at 41 years old.

So how has Ryan Gosling maintained his health over the years and prepared for these iconic roles? Continue reading to learn about some of his regular eating habits, and for more celebrity news, check out 7 Eating Habits These Celebs Swear By to Lose Weight.

He is pretty strict when preparing for a role

Gosling is no stranger to preparing for a movie role with a strict diet and exercise routine. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Gosling's costar for the Barbie movie, Simu Liu, talks about how they both got ready for their dual role as Ken. When asked who trained harder, Liu answered candidly.

"Definitely Ryan — 100 percent. He's definitely, like, a gym in the morning, gym after work kinda guy." Liu also commented on Gosling's eating patterns for the movie, which seem to have been pretty strict.

"As much as I believe that I do have a work ethic, I also love food a lot. Just hearing little bits and pieces about, you know, just his strict diet regimen and just like how much emphasis he puts on taking care of himself and his body, I'm like, I respect it, I respect it. I'm gonna have some soda."

This is certainly not the first time Gosling has restricted his diet for a movie role. Back in 2011, Gosling played alongside Emma Stone and Steve Carrel in Crazy, Stupid, Love. According to Men's Journal, he ate a diet heavy in fish, vegetables, rice, and protein shakes to prepare for his role.

When talking about building his muscles for the film, he said, "After a while, they're like pets because they [his muscles] don't do anything useful. But you have to feed them and take care of them. Otherwise, they'll go away."

But he treats himself to sugar

While the star definitely knows how to drop pounds when he needs to for an upcoming role, he also refuses to shy away from his obsession with sugar. This goes to show that even the celebrities with the strictest diets know how to add balance to their routine.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Emma Stone shares funny details about Gosling's favorite treat: Twizzlers.

"Ryan can eat more Twizzlers than anyone you've ever met. Yeah, the traditional, like, the Twizzler, and he would keep it in his coat pocket, and just, you know, hand out Twizzlers and eat Twizzlers himself."

He also took up pilates

While this isn't an eating habit, it goes hand in hand with the way that Gosling lives his life and pursues his own level of health.

When Gosling was preparing to star in La, La Land back in 2016, the celeb needed to change up his fitness routine to not only build strength but incorporate longevity and flexibility in his movements. His trainer, Arin Babaian, told Men's Journal that in order to do this, they had to try pilates.

"Once I had tired him out with squats and pull-ups, we brought in the Pilates table. That helped us really improve his spine stability and postural strength."

When preparing for a role, Ryan Gosling dedicates his time and energy to working out rigorously and eating a fairly strict diet. While this may work for the actor's career, it isn't necessarily feasible for everyone to accomplish. Instead, finding balance in healthy eating and physical movement that you enjoy can help contribute to greater longevity over time.

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