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7 Incredible Fair Trade Products Everyone Should Buy

Confused about what's fair trade certified and what isn't? Here's a basic run-down of what you need to know.
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From coffee beans to chocolate bars, there are a lot of Fair Trade products currently on the market. But what exactly does it mean for a product to be Fair Trade? Without any background knowledge, food labels and certifications can be a bit confusing to understand. We can help break it down for you.

What does Fair Trade mean?

Fair Trade certified products work to support the sustainability of farmland in various regions across the globe, as well as fair wages and safe working conditions for farmers. In order to be considered a Fair Trade product, officially, certification is required so that a third party system can verify the integrity of the source. There are five different Fair Trade labels widely recognized in the U.S. We chose to focus on the three that are actual certifiers rather than the two that are membership groups.

Here are three different Fair Trade labels you may see on products in the supermarket or at your local grocery store.

Fair Trade USA

Mission: Fair Trade USA works to promote sustainable development and community empowerment by cultivating a more equitable global trade model. This is achieved through empowering underpaid workers to fight against poverty by earning additional wages through Community Development Funds.

Fairtrade International (Fairtrade America)

Mission: Fairtrade International secures decent working conditions, fair prices, and better terms of trade. This empowers producers to improve their social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

Fair For Life

Mission: "Fair for Life promotes an approach of Fair Trade that allows all producers and workers who are at a socio-economic disadvantage to access a wider range of social and economic benefits."

7 Fair Trade-Certified Products

Here is a list of products that have a Fair Trade Certification.


Divine Chocolate

divine chocolate bars
Courtesy of Divine Chocolate


Fair Trade Certified by: Fairtrade America

Divine Chocolate truly tastes divine, and the ingredients used to craft these decadent chocolate bars are Fairtrade. The cocoa is produced by family farmers in Ghana and what separates Divine from other Fairtrade chocolate companies is that it is co-owned by these cocoa farmers. We love this product for both its taste and its contribution to a more sustainable and fair future for workers.

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Love Crunch Granola

Courtesy of Nature's Path Organic


Fair Trade Certified by: Fairtrade America

The dark chocolate found in Love Crunch's scrumptious granola is Fairtrade. Enjoy the dark chocolate in one of (or all) five flavors: Dark Chocolate & Red Berries, Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate Macaroon, Dark Chocolate Cinnamon & Cashew, or Double Chocolate Chunk.


Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Coconut Clusters

alter eco dark chocolate coconut clusters
Courtesy of Alter Eco


Fair Trade Certified by: Fair Trade USA

A majority of the ingredients in this mouthwatering chocolate coconut treat is made are Fair Trade certified at 87.4 percent. The coconut flakes, for example, are sourced from organic and Fair Trade coconuts produced by the Sangamaya Group in Sri Lanka.

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GroundsforChange Coffee

grounds for change solstice blend coffee
Courtesy of GroundsforChange

Fair Trade Certified by: Fair for Life

GroundsforChange supports coffee farmers in Peru in several ways, including fair wages, protection of the land, and safe working conditions.


LÄRABAR—Almond Butter Chocolate Brownie

lara bar almond butter chocolate brownie protein


Fair Trade Certified by: Fair Trade USA

Each one of LÄRABAR's chocolate-flavored fruit and nut bars exclusively contains Fair Trade cocoa and chocolate chips. The company recently launched a new plant-based protein bar line—try the almond butter chocolate brownie flavor to support Fair Trade farmers and their communities.


Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

ben jerrys chocolate therapy


Fair Trade Certified by: Fairtrade America

Not only does Ben & Jerry's churn out some of America's most beloved pints of ice cream, but they also source five Fairtrade ingredients: cocoa, vanilla, sugar, bananas, and coffee.


Driscoll's Strawberries

driscolls strawberries


Fair Trade Certified by: Fair Trade USA

Driscoll's organic strawberries and raspberries received the Fair Trade Certified stamp in 2016. The fruit is sourced from farmers based out of Baja California, Mexico.

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