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8 Fast-Food Chains That Freshly Bake Their Sandwich Bread

No frozen or store-bought rolls here.

Fast food chains have garnered a reputation for using highly processed ingredients where every menu item is delivered frozen on a truck, only to then be deep fried, microwaved, or tossed into a warming drawer. Not exactly the image of freshness, right? But, as it turns out, there are some companies that redefine what fast food can look and taste like, starting with the fresh baked bread their hamburgers and sandwiches are served on.

Yes, some chains actually freshly bake their rolls on a daily basis. As you will see, many of these fast food chains are smaller in scale, which may ultimately help in their quest to use only the freshest ingredients. However, some national chains still bake bread every day, even though the dough isn't made on site, and you can truly taste the difference.

Here are eight fast-food chains where you'll get your sandwich on fresh baked bread every day.

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Fuddruckers / Facebook

Claiming to serve the best burgers in the world, Fuddruckers prides itself on fresh ingredients as a key piece of why customers rave about their menu. In addition to their never-frozen patties being grilled on-site, the chain also hand-bakes their buns daily. Fuddruckers is not shy in spreading the word, either: They have shared videos around social media specifically devoted to the fact that their buns are made fresh each and every day.


Hopdoddy burgers
Photo: Hopdoddy / Facebook

Primarily found in Texas but with locations scattered across the southeast and southwestern United States, Hopdoddy is a fast-casual chain that offers plenty of hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, and fries, along with craft cocktails and an array of other alcoholic beverages. When it comes to their sandwiches, Hopdoddy states that three types of buns are baked on site, which includes their standard egg bun that most of their burgers come served on. According to QSR Magazine, Hopdoddy even has staff dedicated to baking the buns in order to make sure they are able to meet demand.


Schlotzsky's sandwich
Schlotzsky's / Facebook

Schlotzsky's "fresh-from-scratch baked bread" is part of its campaign for being known as a "deliberate food" establishment as opposed to fast food. The menu includes piled-high sandwiches, which come served on the chain's sourdough buns, but they also serve pizza, soups, and salads. In fact, Schlotzsky's boasts that all of its food is made-to-order, so no matter what you choose to enjoy, you will know that the ingredients are made fresh.


Subway/ Yelp

Subway takes its "Eat Fresh" slogan seriously, at least in theory, with bread dough that is baked in their restaurants daily. That waft of freshly baked bread as you enter a Subway is not a manufactured scent: It's the real deal. The dough is delivered to each restaurant pre-made, but the sandwich rolls are baked on-site. Though Ireland's Supreme Court once challenged the notion that Subway's bread is not actually "bread" due to the high sugar content, the chain has maintained that it is made with 100% real ingredients (via Food Network). Its tuna, on the other hand, has been called into question.

Panera Bread

panera bakery closeup
Courtesy of Panera

The morning shift starts well before the sun rises at Panera Bread, with the first employees arriving to begin baking the bread fresh from pre-delivered dough before the breakfast rush. Panera even refers to its restaurants as bakery cafes to emphasize the fact that the bread pops out of its on-site ovens throughout the day. It has been a part of Panera's official Food Policy for many years, and it is a practice that continues to this day.

Jersey Mike's

jersey mike's sub, drinks, and chips
Jersey Mike's Subs / Facebook

Jersey Mike's advertises that its sandwiches are made with the freshest ingredients, including bread. On its website, customers will learn that Jersey Mike's bakes its bread in its stores every day, along with fresh-sliced meat and cheese. The company has taken to social media to market the fresh-baked bread that comes with all of its sandwiches, so whether you prefer its hot or cold subs, you will know that it comes served on quality rolls.

Jimmy John's

jimmy johns sandwiches
Courtesy of Jimmy John's

There is nothing to hide at Jimmy John's when it comes to their bread. According to its website, Jimmy John's says that their bread is baked fresh "right in the store where you can see it." In fact, it claims that its French bread is so fresh, it never sits for more than four hours after coming out of the oven before it is served to a customer.

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Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop

Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop
Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shops / Facebook

You may have never heard of a Mr. Pickle's Sandwich Shop, but if you live in California or Arizona, you may live closer to one of its 48 or so locations than you realize. Mr. Pickle's prides itself on fresh-baked bread, which is baked daily in a brick oven, according to its website. The menu includes a variety of "European style hearth breads," each baked fresh. The only thing that could make the deal even sweeter is the fact that every sandwich comes with a free chocolate chip cookie.

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