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Giada De Laurentiis Reveals The Weird Thing She Eats For Breakfast

The mastermind behind Everyday Italian keeps her breakfast close to her roots.

Prior to rolling up her classic Italian turkey meatballs and stuffing raviolis with fig and gorgonzola, Giada De Laurentiis whips up something simple for breakfast. For most of us, that would probably translate to a bowl of cereal and milk. But for Giada, it's a little more Mediterranean and a lot more savory.

"I do brown rice, with olive oil and salt," she told Popsugar. Although that sounds like a pretty odd a.m. meal, the Food Network star justifies her morning cravings well. "I like a carb for breakfast, and I like a savory breakfast. If you start your day with sugar, you're jacked for the rest of the day. I get up really early in the morning, so I need a carbohydrate. So I'll do 1/4 cup of brown rice, with warm olive oil and salt. At my restaurant I do oatmeal, olive oil, salt, and marcona almonds for protein."

We like that Giada wakes up to both wholesome carbs and heart-healthy fats, but since This Is Exactly How Much Protein You Should Eat For Breakfast, almonds just won't do. We recommend adding some scrambled eggs or even cottage cheese to the mix if you're trying this Italian-inspired meal.


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