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Giada De Laurentiis Reveals Her Exact 3-Day Weight Loss Plan

She may eat pasta with abandon, but the celeb chef has a foolproof plan when she needs a reset.

Giada De Laurentiis may have made a career of creating delicious Italian dishes loaded with butter, oil, cream, and cheese, but when it comes to her own diet, the celebrity chef has a more moderate approach to eating and weight loss. In fact, she recently revealed the exact weight loss plan she sticks to when she needs to makeover her eating habits—and it only takes a few days to completely turn things around.

9 Healthy Eating Habits Giada De Laurentiis Swears By

"I felt lighter, taller, clearer in my mind, and more energy, and that's when I realized even three days of this, it really helps," she revealed on the Dr. Oz Show. "I feel like if you can get through that, then you can slowly start introducing your favorite things back in small amounts."

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She eats green veggies at all three meals.

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The principal tenet of de Laurentiis' three-day plan? Making green veggies a priority at every single meal.

"For breakfast, typically, you can do a smoothie," she explains, recommending additional meals of scrambled eggs and asparagus or white beans and sautéed broccoli rabe.

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She loads up on healthy fats.

wild salmon

In addition to green veggies, Giada allows herself to eat animal protein, a small portion of carbs, and a serving of healthy fat at one of her daily meals.

One of her go-to proteins? Salmon with a bit of olive oil. "It's very rich and filling and you can make several pieces at a time and leave it in the fridge," she says.

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She keeps her carbs to a minimum.

quinoa bowl

Though she keeps quinoa, brown rice, and sweet potatoes on the menu during her reset, Giada says that she strictly limits her portion sizes. "I only do a half-cup….You limit the amount of carbs, but you still get them. You feel satiated and you go to bed happy," she says.

She avoids processed foods.

potato chips

To ensure she's not inadvertently undoing her progress, Giada says no to any overly-processed foods during her reset. "No processed foods, no chips, and no bagged [foods]…I just think processed foods are just loaded with fats and sugars that are hidden," she explains.

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She nixes dairy, red meat, sugar, and alcohol.

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While Giada's healthy reset plan is anything but spartan, there are a few foods and drinks that are absolutely off-limits during the reset. Namely, she avoids dairy, red meat, sugar, and alcohol entirely for three straight days.

She drinks a ton of water and healthy juice.


In addition to her routine of drinking 12 glasses of water each day, Giada loads up on hydrating celery juice to fight and inflammation and stay hydrated. "You can put it in the blender, [add] some lemon, and some salt, and some water. It's so simple," she says.

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