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Ex-McDonald's Chef Reveals 3 Incredible Menu Items You've Never Seen—But There's a Catch

The fast-food chain has released some intriguing menu options, but will you ever get to try them?
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Regardless of the region, the menus at individual fast-food chains in the U.S. are consistent (if not identical) from one location to the next. There may be some slight variation, but for the most part, you'll find the same offerings at McDonald's whether you're in New York, California, or North Dakota. Outside of the United States, however, menus start to look a bit different.

In a recent TikTok video, Mike Haracz, a former McDonald's corporate chef who often shares fast-food insights, revealed three international menu items being showcased during McDonald's Worldwide Convention in Barcelona, Spain. In his video, Haracz said McDonald's customers in the U.S. "will probably never have" these menu items.


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Haracz started off the list by discussing potato wedges, noting that U.S. customers likely won't find them unless they visit the McDonald's restaurant at the chain's corporate headquarters in Chicago, Ill. As stated on the McDonald's corporate website, this restaurant serves menu items from around the world.

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According to Haracz, there's a reason why these potato wedges most likely won't come to the U.S.

"Anything that competes with French fries, they're not going to do, because why lose that money?" he said.

mcdonald's south korea bulgogi burger
McDonald's South Korea

Another menu item presented at the convention was the Biscoff McFlurry with caramel. While Haracz said he doesn't remember if this has been available in the U.S., he noted that the frozen treat "would be easy to make in the U.S. system."

Cyprus and Belgium are two countries that appear to sell this McFlurry, which also previously launched in other markets like the United Kingdom and India.

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Out of the three items he shared in his video, there's one Haracz believes "should be all over the place:" the Spicy Black Pepper Garlic McNuggets. McDonald's has offered these in restaurants in Japan.

"Why are these not everywhere?" the former McDonald's corporate chef asked. He then invited commenters to share the international items they'd like to see in the U.S.

"Loved McSpicy Paneer when I went to India and McKroket when I was in Amsterdam!!" one TikTok user wrote.

mcdonald's canada poutine
McDonald's Canada

"The New Zealand boss burger is also freaking amazing," another one added.

Meanwhile, other fast-food fans commented on the menu items discussed in Haracz's video.

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"You are so completely right. I am not much of a nugget guy but would buy those things [the Spicy Black Pepper Garlic McNuggets] at least once a week," one commenter wrote.

"Those potato wedges are incredible. Came with French onion dip. Best thing I've ever had at McDonald's," another TikToker commented.

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