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Ex-McDonald's Chef Reveals How to Order a Secret 'Monstrosity' Burger

The unique secret menu option mashes up two classic McDonald's sandwiches.

Any true McDonald's connoisseur knows that the options at the Golden Arches aren't just limited to what the chain advertises. McDonald's fans are always creating genius "secret menu" items that you won't find on the official menu board, but you can still order by customizing existing food and drink options. And thanks to a key McDonald's insider, customers now have yet another option to add to the Mickey D's secret menu archive.

Mike Haracz, a former McDonald's corporate chef turned TikToker, posted a viral video last week revealing how to order a secret burger that he referred to as the "McGangB*ng." He explained that this "monstrosity" of a burger consists of a classic Double Cheeseburger (450 calories) with a McChicken patty added into the mix.

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Customers interested in trying the burger may want to avoid asking for it by name because several TikTokers commented that McDonald's employees tend to be very confused by the request. However, customers can still get their hands on the creative sandwich by ordering a Double Cheeseburger and a McChicken (400 calories) and then adding the McChicken patty onto the burger.

Per Haracz, the secret burger used to be much more popular when the Double Cheeseburger and McChicken were featured on McDonald's old dollar menu, which has since been replaced with a tiered value menu.

McDonald's burger
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"You could get this massive burger and assemble it yourself for like two bucks," he said.

But nowadays, customers will likely have to pay significantly more if they want to try the secret burger. While prices can vary by location, a McDonald's store in central New Jersey is currently charging $3.49 for a McChicken and $3.49 for a Double Cheeseburger. That would add up to about $7 for anyone who orders the sandwiches separately and then combines them.

But how does it taste? Good enough to order again and again, at least according to the customers who've gotten the chance to try it in the past.

"I eat these all the time," one TikToker commented on Haracz' video.

"It's my go-to order," another wrote.

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Even if the McGangB*ng doesn't pique your interest, McDonald's fans have created plenty of inventive menu hacks and other secret menu items to explore if you're craving something new. Last fall, for example, another secret option called the "McBrunch Burger" also went viral on TikTok.

It fuses classic breakfast and lunch foods, featuring two cheeseburger patties, bacon, eggs, and a hash brown on a sesame seed. Customers say the only time you can score the burger is around 10:35 in the morning, when many McDonald's locations are transitioning from breakfast to lunch. Not all McDonald's workers may be willing or able to make the McBrunch Burger, but some TikTokers have successfully ordered it in the past.

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