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7 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys Worth Tons Today

If you saved these toys, you're in luck.

The McDonald's Happy Meal introduced many people to the concept of getting a free toy with a fast-food kid's meal. But many of the plastic toys ended up in the trash (or the garage) shortly after they came home. In most cases, they aren't much more than pieces of plastic, but have you ever wondered if those vintage Happy Meal toys are worth anything today?

We did some digging on eBay to find some old Happy Meal toys that are worth money today. In most cases, it's not a ton of money, but value is in the eye of the beholder, right?

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Mcdonalds happy meal barbie toys

Most of the McDonald's Barbie offerings from the '90s and 2000s don't seem to be worth much. But a few options, like these two sets from the '90s, are going for as much as $199.99 on eBay. It's not "tons," per se, but it's a lot more than what the toys cost to make (or to buy).

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Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz Toys

kids happy meal

For fans of The Wizard of Oz and Madame Alexander dolls, there's some good news if you kept these McDonald's toys for the past decade. Full sets of the 12 Happy Meal dolls are going for anywhere from $42 to $130 on eBay. You might as well cash in!

The Clone Wars Toys

mcdonalds star wars clone wars toys

A set of Japanese Clone Wars Happy meal toys is currently going for $127.98 on eBay, while you could earn as much as $60 for a different set of American Clone Wars Happy Meal toys.

Teenie Beanie Baby Boos

mcdonalds teenie beanie baby happy meal toys
Courtesy of McDonalds

Aside from the Princess Diana bear, most vintage Beanie Babies aren't worth much. But one complete set of 2014 Teenie Beanie Baby Boos from McDonald's is going for $850 on eBay, so you never know.

Happy Meal Changeables

mcdonalds changeables happy meal toys

Think of these as McDonald's-style Transformers. If you have a full set of the robots, you could sell them for as much as $150, like this eBay listing.

Monsters Inc. Toys

mcdonalds monsters inc happy meal toys

The 2001 Disney-Pixar movie was an instant hit. Apparently, so were the McDonald's toys inspired by the film, which could be why a full set is going for $59.95 on eBay.


mcdonalds furby toy

Believe it or not, a full set of McDonald's Furby Happy Meal toys is going for a whopping $950 on eBay.

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