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25 Fashion Gifts for the Health Food Lover

Because sometimes they're tired of baskets filled with fruit and nut butter.

As one of the healthiest eaters among my family and friends, I often find that those close to me struggle to come up with ways to give me gifts. They know better than to give me a cupcake on my birthday or a bottle of booze when I get a promotion or a new apartment. And since everyone I know has already sent me at least five Edible Arrangements, those are a no-go, too.

If this sounds like a familiar dilemma, you've come to the right place. I've scoured the web for all the cutest, coolest gear around—stuff you and the healthy foodies in your life are sure to love. From totes, beach towels, and cell phone cases to shirts, shoes, and funky socks, you're sure to find something to fit any budget and occasion. And afterwards, take them out to dinner, using our exclusive list of the 35 Hottest Healthy Restaurants in America!

Always Hungry Tote

If it amazes you how often the healthy eater in your life pulls a snack out of their purse, this tote will be the perfect present. It can be used as a reusable grocery store satchel, a beach tote, or gym bag. It doesn't get any better than that! And speaking of beach days, be sure to read up on these 12 Foods People Eat at the Beach—But Shouldn't!

$10, Get it now!

Insulated Pineapple Beach Cooler

Plastic coolers can be a pain to carry and boardwalk fare is rarely bikini body-friendly. This Lilly Pulitzer pineapple print insulated beach cooler is the perfect solution. Bonus: They make a matching insulated travel tumbler which is perfect for iced coffee addicts.

$34, Get it now!

Men's Pineapple Chambray Shirt

Not quite as boring as a plain oxford, but not as in your face as a Hawaiian print shirt, this button up is perfect for any style-conscious man with an affinity for healthy eating.

$50, Get it now!

Round Kiwi Beach Towel

If you have a buddy who just hit her latest weight loss goal, this is the perfect gift! She'll be able to flaunt her beach bod in style, while constantly being reminded of all the good nutrition decisions she made along her journey to reach her goal. Plus, it's totally Instagram-worthy—but you were probably already thinking that, right?

$55, Get it now!

Turnip The Beet PJs

PJs that display a trendy veggie and a creative play on words? You'd be hard pressed to find a good-humored produce lover who doesn't get a kick out of these.

$20, Get it now!

Banana Socks

Whether you're in need of a small $10 thank you gift, or on the hunt for a fun stocking stuffer or gag gift, these colorful socks covered in bananas are the perfect buy.

$9.70, Get it now!

Fruit Backpack

This is the perfect healthy eating-inspired carryall for students, hikers, frequent travelers, and bikers. Designed with ergonomic, padded straps that aim to relieve shoulder stress, this funky, brightly colored pack is sure to become a fast favorite.

$35, Get it now!

5-Pairs No Show Veggie Socks

If you're looking for an understated gag-gift for the vegan, vegetarian, or veggie lover in your life this five-pack of socks is perfect. Sure, they feature silly images of peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, and other garden favorites, but since they're no-show style, they'll work with any outfit, making them a fun find for pretty much everyone.

$13, Get it now!

Eat Clean Train Dirty Tank

If you're looking for the perfect gift for someone who's both fitness and clean eating obsessed, this is it. It's comfortable enough to be worn as a hang-around-the-house top but stamped with an inspiring logo making it worthy of the recipient's gym-gear rotation. No matter how you look at it, this racerback tank is a winner.

$21, Get it now!

Pineapple Bikini

Looking for a gift… for yourself? This brightly colored reversible bikini couldn't come at a better price. And despite the low cost, reviewers have noted that the quality is top notch. So go ahead, and treat yo self! And before you head to the beach to show it off, be sure to read up on these must-try tips for how to get rid of bloating.

$6, Get it now!

Fruit Salad Charm Bracelet

If you have a special woman in your life who just reached her weight loss goal, this whimsical, Kate Spade charm bracelet makes for the perfect congratulatory gift!

$98, Get it now!

Watermelon Swim Shorts

Fashion-forward and preppy, these bright watermelon swim trunks are perfect for a fit dude who wants to show a little bit of thigh—and have people take notice.

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$26, Get it now!

Banana IPhone Case

Fans of Rafi's 1994 hit "Bananaphone" and yellow fruit lovers alike are sure to get a kick out of this bold and whimsical Kate Spade phone case.

Get it now!

Nylon Fruit Print Cosmetic Bag

Every woman needs a cosmetic bag—they're perfect for keeping toiletries, beauty and hair products organized at home and on-the-go. The fun fruit print fashioned on these nylon Marc By Marc Jacobs ones make gifting them to the special healthy foodie in your life a no-brainer.

$79, Get it now!

Pineapple Tie

The cotton pineapple print tie is perfect for casual days at the office and beach weddings. Gift one to a dapper guy in your life who has an equal affinity for fashion and fruit!

$19, Get it now!

Watermelon Espadrilles

These pale blue canvas espadrilles are blowing up all over Instagram—and it's easy to see why. They're totally cute and will remind the wearer to eat their fruits and veggies every time they look down at their adorably adorned feet. That's what we like to call a win-win!

$74, Get it now!

Brussels Sprout Muscle Tank

People either love Brussels sprouts or they despise them. If your buddy falls into the former category, they'll love being gifted this Private Party tank. It pairs nicely with trendy workout leggings and also looks great with jeans or shorts. FYI: This trendy tee-shirt company has a ton of other options if this one isn't quite right. Slogans range from "Always Hungry" and "Brunch" to "Avocado Toast" and "Hot Sauce."

$52, Get it now!

Kale Sweatshirt

Help your loved one channel her (or his!) inner Beyoncé with the very sweatshirt featured in the bootylicious songstress' "7/11" music video.

$55, Get it now!

Unisex Hot Sauce Tank

Why does it seem like healthy eaters everywhere are totally obsessed with hot sauce? Not only does it have an addicting, fiery taste, the heat can aid weight loss efforts. Capsaicin, the compound that gives chiles their signature kick, has been shown to increase boost metabolism
and decrease appetite. Makes sense now, right? Gift your hot sauce-obsessed friends with this cool tank and you're sure to become their new favorite person.

$25, Get it now!

Colorful Pineapple Clear Phone Case

Tech-obsessed healthy foodies will love this cute case adorned with summer's unofficial favorite tropical fruit.

$4, Get it now!

Coffee Sweatshirt

This off-the-shoulder sweatshirt is sure to speak to that special coffee-lover in your life. It's the perfect thing to knock around in before, ya know, they drink their coffee.

$18, Get it now!

Men's Strawberry Print Boxers

If the man if your life wouldn't dare go a day without eating his fruits and veggies, he's sure to get a kick out of these strawberry-adorned boxers.

$19, Get it now!

Strapless Swimsuit Coverup

This playful, tropical cover-up features fruity favorites like watermelon, pineapple, and bananas. The neon, tasseled waist tie, pulls the look together, making it perfectly suitable snazzy pool-side affairs.

$8, Get it now!

Pineapple T-Shirt

This cute tee is another health-inspired clothing item taking the interweb by storm. And at just $12 a pop you can't beat the price!

$12, Get it now!

Avocado Tee-Shirt

This cute tee comes in five different colors and is puuurfect for guac, kitty, and pun fanatics alike.

$24, Get it now!


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