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The 9 Healthiest Fast-Food Breakfast Burritos

A dietitian suggests these wrapped menu items that are perfect to take on the go if you're looking for a healthy fast-food breakfast.
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Fast food is regularly demonized, but it can be a convenient source of fuel in a pinch—especially when it comes to breakfasts. Whether you're a regular or just swinging through a drive-thru every once in a while, knowing the healthiest fast-food breakfast options on the menu can help you make more balanced choices to support your health. By analyzing nutrition information provided by popular fast-food chains, we curated a list of fast-food breakfast burritos that are delicious and also nourishing on the go.

How we chose the healthiest fast-food breakfast burritos:

  • Total calories: Opting for lower-calorie menu items can help you make a healthier choice the majority of the time. You'll still want to consider the overall balance of the menu item with nutrition facts like protein and fat too.
  • Protein: Choosing protein-rich breakfasts on the go can help regulate your hunger and appetite for the rest of the day.
  • Fat content: We considered the type of fat and how much was in these breakfast burritos. Considering most fast-food restaurants add fat in excess, this is one way to keep calories lower.

While our selection process involved consideration of the nutrition label, choosing higher calorie or "unhealthy" fast-food breakfast burritos every once in a while is not likely to hurt your health. However, you might consider swapping in one of the options below if you regularly frequent these nine popular fast-food joints.

McDonald's Sausage Burrito

mcdonalds sausage burrito
Nutrition (Per burrito):
Calories: 310
Fat: 17 g (Saturated fat: 7 g)
Sodium: 800 mg
Carbs: 25 g (Fiber: 1 g, Sugar: 2 g)
Protein: 13 g

For a convenient breakfast option, McDonald's Sausage Burritos are our top pick. Packed with eggs, sausage, cheese, and veggies, these burritos offer a balanced choice to kickstart your day. With 310 calories and 13 grams of protein each, they provide a hearty and budget-friendly meal.

Burger King Breakfast Burrito Jr.

Burger king breakfast burrito jr
Burger King
Nutrition (Per burrito):
Calories: 460
Fat: 29 g (Saturated fat: 11 g)
Sodium: 1294 mg
Carbs: 29 g (Fiber: 2 g, Sugar: 2 g)
Protein: 18 g

When it comes to a healthier breakfast choice at Burger King, the Breakfast Burrito Jr. gets our vote. With just 460 calories per serving, it strikes a balance for your morning meal. Packing 18 grams of protein, this choice will fuel your day and might keep you feeling satisfied longer than a low-protein option. With 2 grams of fiber, we also love that it contributes to your digestive health.

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Sonic Junior Breakfast Burrito

Sonic Sausage Breakfast Burrito
Nutrition (Per burrito):
Calories: 300
Fat: 17 g (Saturated fat: 7 g)
Sodium: 900 mg
Carbs: 24 g (Fiber: 1 g, Sugar: 1 g)
Protein: 12 g

When it comes to healthier breakfast options at Sonic, the Jr. Breakfast Burrito is our top choice. With 300 calories per serving, it offers a lighter alternative to the regular menu version, which contains significantly more fat and sodium. To make it lower fat, consider swapping the sausage and cheese for veggies like onions, tomatoes, and jalapeños.

Carl's Jr. Steak and Egg Burrito

Carl's Jr. Steak and Egg Burrito
Carl's Jr.
Nutrition (Per burrito):
Calories: 530
Fat: 26 g (Saturated fat: 10 g)
Sodium: 1510 mg
Carbs: 41 g (Fiber: 2 g, Sugar: 3 g)
Protein 32 g

For those seeking a lower-calorie option at Carl's Jr., the Steak and Egg Burrito is our pick. While the Steak and Egg Burrito contains 530 calories and 26 grams of fat, consider opting for no steak, and then an Egg Burrito will offer a lighter alternative. If you order it as-is, you'll get 32 grams of protein, which is impressive for a drive-thru meal.

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Taco Bell Fiesta Potato Breakfast Burrito

Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito Potato
Taco Bell
Nutrition (Per burrito):
Calories: 340
Fat: 14 g (Saturated fat: 3.5 g)
Sodium: 770 mg
Carbs: 44 g (Fiber: 3 g, Sugar: 3 g)
Protein: 9 g

For a healthier breakfast option at Taco Bell, the Fiesta Potato Breakfast Burrito is our favorite choice. With 340 calories and 14 grams of fat per serving, it offers a lighter alternative to other fast food breakfast burritos. This burrito packs in 9 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber, providing some balance to start your day. While it does contain 770 milligrams of sodium, you can lower the salt in this meal by ordering it with less cheese or skipping the taco sauce.

Jack in the Box Meat Lovers Breakfast Burrito (with modifications)

Jack in the Box Meat Lovers Burrito
Jack in the Box
Nutrition (Per burrito):
Calories: 790
Fat:50 g (Saturated fat: 22 g)
Sodium:1500 mg
Carbs: 48 g (Fiber: 3 g, Sugar: 3 g)
Protein: 39 g

For a relatively healthier breakfast option at Jack in the Box, consider the Meaty Breakfast Burrito, but make some modifications. With 790 calories and 50 grams of fat per serving, this breakfast burrito is the only option at Jack in the Box. To make this lower fat and lower sodium, consider modifying your order to omit one or two of the meat options such as ham or bacon.

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Chick-fil-A Burrito with Scrambled Eggs

Chick fil a hash brown scramble burrito
Courtesy of Chick-fil-A
Nutrition (Per burrito):
Calories: 440
Fat: 24 g (Saturated fat: 10 g)
Sodium: 950 mg
Carbs: 35 g (Fiber: 3 g, Sugar: 1 g)
Protein g: 21 g

When it comes to enjoying a healthy breakfast at Chick-fil-A, the Burrito with Scrambled Eggs hits the spot. With a filling 21 grams of protein per serving, this burrito provides a hearty start to your day. Add some salsa for extra flavor without adding more calories. Keep in mind: this is the nutrition information based on not adding any hashbrowns to your order.

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Taco Time Soft Beef Burrito

Taco Time Soft Beef Burrito
Taco Time
Nutrition (Per burrito):
Calories: 380
Fat: 10 g (Saturated fat: 4 g)
Sodium: 2140 mg
Carbs: 56 g (Fiber: 8 g, Sugar: 3 g)
Protein 14 g

When it comes to selecting a healthier option at Taco Time, the Soft Beef Burrito offers a balanced choice due to the pinto beans which add fiber and some plant-based protein. This burrito contains 380 calories and 10 grams of fat, however, the sodium content is quite high at 2,140 milligrams per serving. Despite the higher sodium content, this burrito remains the lowest in calories and fat compared to other options on the menu.

Wendy's Egg and Cheese Breakfast Wrap

Wendy's Egg and Cheese Breakfast Wrap
Nutrition (Per burrito):
Calories: 410
Fat: 25 g (Saturated fat: 7 g)
Sodium:1000 mg
Carbs: 32 g (Fiber: 3 g, Sugar: 2 g)
Protein: 13 g

When it comes to making a nutritious choice for breakfast at Wendy's, the Egg and Cheese Breakfast Wrap is the healthiest option. With just 410 calories per serving, it offers a lighter alternative to typical breakfast burritos. Despite clocking in at 25 grams of fat and 1,000 milligrams of sodium, it's the lowest in both categories among the fast-food breakfast burrito options. Plus, with 3 grams of fiber, it provides a small boost to your daily fiber intake, promoting digestive health.

Caroline Thomason, RDN
Caroline is a women's health Registered Dietitian and diabetes educator based in Northern Virginia. Read more about Caroline