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13 Best & Worst Healthy Cookie Brands

Dietitians share their choices for the healthiest (and unhealthiest) store-bought cookies.

Best and Worst Canned Tunas on Grocery Shelves

Between the tuna species, mercury levels, and fishing practices, there's a sea of options for canned tuna brands. Here, dietitians recommend their favorites and what to avoid.

8 Whole Wheat Breads That Are Actually Unhealthy

Don't assume that bread is healthy just because it has 'whole wheat' slapped on the label.

Is Nutella Healthy? We Asked a Dietitian

We consulted a dietitian to uncover the nutritional facts, benefits, and drawbacks of this popular chocolate hazelnut spread.

10 Healthiest Wendy's Orders

Here's how you can eat at your favorite fast-food chain and stick to your goals at the same time.

14 Healthy Fast-Food Meals for Weight Loss

You can still eat at your favorite fast-food chain and stick to your weight loss goals with these healthy orders.

The 10 Best Skyr Yogurts

These healthy skyr yogurts are dietitian-approved for their impressive nutritional profiles, quality ingredients, and delicious flavors.

The #1 Unhealthiest Order at 8 Salad Chains

Heading to a salad chain doesn't always guarantee a healthy meal.

A Dietitian's #1 High-Protein Breakfast Recipe

This recipe combines cottage cheese, yogurt, and protein powder for a creamy whipped breakfast packed with 41 grams of protein.

10 Healthiest Sprouted Breads on Grocery Shelves

When you want tasty bread with plenty of easy to digest nutrients, here's what to get.

The 16 Best & Worst Pei Wei Orders

You can find healthier options at Pei Wei as long as you know what to look for!

12 Best & Worst Frozen Yogurts on Grocery Shelves

While frozen yogurt is generally a healthy dessert, not all tubs and bars are good for you. A dietitian suggests the best options (and what to skip).

The 9 Healthiest Fast-Food Breakfast Burritos

A dietitian suggests these wrapped menu items that are perfect to take on the go if you're looking for a healthy fast-food breakfast.

11 Best & Worst Frozen Meatballs on Grocery Shelves

Discover dietitians' top picks for the healthiest frozen meatballs to simplify weeknight meals without compromising on taste or nutrition.

The 14 Healthiest Restaurant Chain Desserts

Yes, there are some Eat This-approved desserts at your favorite restaurant chains!

The #1 Unhealthiest Order at 12 Sandwich Chains

Discover the worst offenders when it comes to calories, fat, and sodium at popular sandwich chains.

11 Healthiest Canned Beans—and 3 To Avoid

Dietitians share their top choices for healthy canned beans and tips for navigating the grocery aisle to ensure optimal nutrition.

11 Best Low-Sugar Salad Dressings

Keep your sugar intake under control without sacrificing flavor with the help of these healthy store-bought dressings.

10 Unhealthiest Texas Roadhouse Orders

Steakhouses aren't known for nutritious choices, but these specific menu items are excessively unhealthy.

11 Best & Worst Cake Mixes on Grocery Shelves

Celebrate without overloading on calories, fat, and sugar with the help of these dietitian-approved healthy cake mixes.

10 Healthiest Sourdough Breads on Grocery Shelves

Reap sourdough bread's benefits, such as improved digestibility and better nutrient absorption, by shopping for our expert-recommended loaves.

11 Best & Worst Veggie Chips on Grocery Shelves

Surprisingly, not all veggie chips are beacons of health. Dietitians share which bags you should buy and which to skip.

10 Unhealthiest Menu Items at Longhorn Steakhouse

Dietitians warn that you steer clear of these calorie-, fat-, and sodium-laden dishes at this popular steakhouse chain.

The Best & Worst Menu Items at Raising Cane's, According to Dietitians

From combos to simple sides, find out what to eat at this rapidly expanding chicken fast food chain.

10 Unhealthiest Menu Items at Outback Steakhouse

Armed with registered dietitian input, we've identified the unhealthiest dishes on the Australian-themed restaurant's menu.

The 10 Healthiest Menu Items at Applebee’s

From baby back ribs to whiskey bacon burgers, Applebee's menu is full of diet bombs, so dietitians prepared this guide of healthy options.

The Absolute Worst Dishes at Cracker Barrel

This 'old country store' serves up some delicous fried food, but it isn't always the healthiest.

10 Best & Worst Marinara Sauces on Grocery Shelves

Registered dietitians delve into the world of marinara sauces to help you make nutritious choices during your next grocery run.

9 Best & Worst Frozen Lasagnas, According to RDs

Experts share which layered pasta dishes are worth buying and which should be skipped if you're keeping your health in mind.

10 Best & Worst Frozen Breakfast Bowls, According to Dietitians

Not all heat-and-eat meals should make it to your breakfast table. Nutrition experts share their top picks as well as what to avoid.