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These Heartwarming Food Stories Show How Communities Are Coming Together Right Now

These examples of generosity and good during the coronavirus pandemic will have your spirit soaring.
Volunteers donating

Although the coronavirus pandemic has presented enormous economic and public health challenges, people have largely responded in a remarkably impressive way.

In fact, there are a number of uplifting food-related stories proving how communities are coming together during this tough time to help one each other out. Whether that means helping people get food, money, or even just a moment of happiness, strangers are pulling through for each other.

These instances of kindness will make your spirit soar and renew your faith in humanity at a time when we all could use a bit of good news.


The Couple Who Left a $9,400 Tip

Restaurant bill check

A Houston-based couple was so concerned with the soon-to-be-unemployed workers at their favorite restaurant that they left a $9,400 tip for the entire staff!

Irma's Southwest owner, Louis Galvan, told CNN that the couple came for an early dinner on Monday. After learning that all restaurants in the county, including the one they were in, would have to close and only offer takeout and delivery service, the couple decided to leave a massive tip.

"We didn't expect it, to be honest with you," Galvan said. "They left a gratuity for the entire kitchen and service staff, which is unexpected."

CNN reports they left $1,900 in cash and put another $7,500 tip on a credit card. The coolest couple in the world wanted to be anonymous… which makes this heartwarming story even better.


The Bartender Who's Delivering Drinks by Bicycle

cyclist woman feet riding mountain bike on trail

A suddenly out of work bartender in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn had an enterprising solution to keeping busy and serving those in need: Delivering drinks on his bike.

That's right, from 3pm to 9pm each night, the self-described avid cyclist has been traveling around his Brooklyn neighborhood, bottles of booze in tow, to mix drinks for his regulars on-the-go! Given the general stress and anxiety that has come with coronavirus self-quarantining, a good stiff drink sounds pretty good. Read the full story about this bold bartender here.


The Texas Pizzeria Giving Away Free Food

Pizza delivery

A number of industries have been hurt by the economic crisis brought about by coronavirus self-quarantine, but maybe none as much as restaurant owners… which makes this story that much more heart-warming.

A Texas pizza owner suffering the ill-effects of social distancing is offering free meals to families in desperate need of food. The owner of Fratelli’s Pizza and Mambo Italian Ristorante is giving away food to any family that is struggling–no questions asked.

“I want people [to] feel comfortable and to help them as much as they need on a daily basis until this is over,” Al Revzematovic said. Good for you, Al!


The Pro Athletes Making Big Donations

Almost immediately following the news that the NBA season was suspended out of an abundance of caution for the coronavirus pandemic, a great number of professional athletes have offered considerable donations designed to take care of immediately unemployed concession workers and arena support staff.

Cleveland Cavalier Center Kevin Love was the first to step up, followed up by Zion Williams and a myriad of other players, organizations, and owners, including billionaire Cavs owner Mark Cuban.


The Celebs Giving Back

Volunteers donating

There are tons of awesome stories emerging every day during this coronavirus pandemic about how people are donating their resources to others in need. Take, for example, married couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively who donated 1 million dollars to food banks in both the United States and Canada.

And country music star Brad Paisley and his wife who are delivering a week's worth of free food for Nashville-based seniors who can't get to grocery stores. These are but two of hundreds of stories where people are sharing their wealth for the greater good.

Keep spreading the love, people!

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