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Hot Dogs Were Just Spotted On Subways' Menu—These Are the Locations That Carry Them

Plus, a cheap new deal may be on the horizon.

For years there has been an ongoing debate surrounding whether or not a hot dog is considered a sandwich. While the argument has never truly been resolved, a rumor is spreading that specific Subway locations are offering hot dogs as a part of their menu of sandwiches.

According to a recent Facebook post The Takeout initially reported on, a member of a niche group stumbled upon hot dogs sitting in a steamer tray on a Subway assembly line inside of a local Walmart in West Palm Beach, Florida. The seven hot dogs were in a steamer tray beside the normally-seen ingredients like deli meats, cheeses, and various toppings.

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An employee at the Subway location told The Takeout they offer a special value bundle that includes one Nathan's Famous hot dog, a soft pretzel, and a beverage for $3.99. "It was a Subway in a Walmart that also had a pizza menu," the man explained to The Takeout.

nathan's famous hot dog and fries
Nathan's Famous / Facebook

Subway has a universal layout and design—like many other fast food chains in America—so you'll usually find the same ingredients and menu offerings pretty much everywhere you go. However, for Subways located in Walmart stores, this has come with a few exceptions. We've witnessed Subway selling items like pretzels and pizzas within smaller franchises, but not being offered nationwide.

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In an attempt to pique customer interest and increase revenue, alternative menu options have been trialed at the sandwich chains in niche locations, like inside Walmarts. Unfortunately, over the years, partly due to pandemic-related circumstances, the stores in Walmarts have been a challenge because of reduced foot traffic and lower profits, reported the Wall Street Journal.

Additionally, Nathan's Famous signed a deal with Ghost Kitchen Brands (GKB) back in 2021 to start expanding to 60 non-traditional locations in the U.S., which included opportunities in Walmart stores. While this is the first time Nathan's has been seen at a Subway location, it isn't the first we've seen of the hot dog joint within Walmart.

While The Takeout claims that a Subway employee said there are plenty of other Walmart locations selling Nathan's Famous hot dogs (as well as the value meal), Subway has yet to confirm that other locations carry hot dogs. Eat This, Not That! reached out to Subway for comment and did not receive a response, but will update this post with new information if the company replies.

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