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Here's How You Can Score Free Refills From Starbucks

Free Starbucks refills may sound too good to be true, but we have the details on this amazing perk.
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For Starbucks fans, the prospect of free refills from the popular coffee chain may seem too good to be true. Confusion and conflicting information surrounding Starbucks' refill policy have circulated for years, particularly on social media. Some TikTokers have claimed that if you order a drink from a Starbucks inside a Target store, you can circle back around after your shopping trip for a free refill. Others say that the mysterious free refill policy extends to all Starbucks locations, not just those located inside a Target. 

A Starbucks employee recently took to TikTok to clear up the confusion and confirm what we've all been hoping is true: Starbucks does provide free refills. 

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In the video, which has racked up more than nine million views, the worker explained that the policy applies to both regular Starbucks locations and those located inside Target stores. However, before you rush to your local store in the hopes of snagging a second Cinnamon Caramel Cream Nitro Cold Brew, just know that there are three important stipulations to keep in mind. 


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The most important rule is that customers are only eligible to get a free refill on a drink if they purchase it using a registered Starbucks Card or the Starbucks app, according to the free refill policy on the Starbucks website. They must also be able to present the same Starbucks Card or Starbucks account in the app that they used to purchase the original drink when requesting the refill.

The second rule is that the refill you receive will not necessarily be the same drink you ordered in the first place. For example, you cannot request a second cup of a specialty beverage like a Pink Drink or one of the new olive oil-infused lattes from the divisive Oleato line. But if you purchased these or any other drinks, you can ask for a free refill of regular brewed hot coffee, iced coffee, cold brew, hot tea, or iced tea.

The third and final rule is that you have to request your refill during the same store visit. So, if a customer purchases a drink and then finishes it before leaving the store, the policy indicates that they can ask for a free refill in this instance. Customers will not be able to get a free refill if they stop by a Starbucks in the morning, leave the store, and then come back for another drink later in the day.

"Once you leave the store, your visit has ended, and any subsequent coffee or tea refill thereafter would be considered a new purchase," the Starbucks policy adds. The chain also does not provide refills to customers using the drive-thru.

In summary, the free refill policy is somewhat limited. But in this economy, coffee lovers might appreciate the chance to get a second boost of caffeine without shelling out a few extra bucks. For Starbucks fans who don't have a registered account and are bummed about missing out on a cool perk, the chain offers refills at reduced prices, according to the company policy.

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