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If You're an Iced Coffee Drinker, You Need This Instant Coffee Chiller

This iced coffee maker truly changed the way I enjoy my coffee at home.

I'm probably one of the few people who could enjoy a cup of iced coffee at any time of the year. Yes, that includes the middle of a blizzard during the winter. In the summer, it is a necessity for waking up on those hot summer days, or when I'm in need of a cool pick-me-up. Honestly, there's something about warm weather and sunny days that makes me crave iced coffee.

With that being said, obtaining iced coffee is more difficult than you'd think. Of course, you can pick up a cup at any local coffee shop, but that adds up fairly quickly. There are also premade coffees that you can pick up in the refrigerated aisle at the grocery store. Although an easy option, I find that those premade coffees are either too weak or too bitter…just overall not my first choice for iced coffee. There are also single-serve pods that tell you to "pour over ice," and when you do the ice melts and it's just watery hot coffee.

Believe me, I've tried all the ways to get my iced coffee fix, including leaving a cup of hot coffee in the freezer for a bit so the coffee cools down enough. However, if I need my coffee ASAP, I don't want to put my hot coffee in the freezer and wait impatiently. I thought I exhausted all my options. That is until I discovered the HyperChiller Iced Coffee/Beverage Cooler.

How does this coffee chiller work?

HyperChiller Coffee Chiller
Kayla Garritano/Eat This, Not That!

To put it simply, this chiller allows you to turn hot coffee (or any hot beverage for that matter) into chilled coffee in a minute, after which it's ready to serve over ice.

All you have to do is fill the inner cylinder with water and place the HyperChiler in the freezer (and might I add that this device takes up minimal room in the freezer). This layer of water in the container then freezes, acting like a protected layer of ice. This helps to chill the coffee down without ice and without diluting the coffee. The company says that the HyperChiller can cool by up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit in 60 seconds without diluting the beverage!

When you want to use the HyperChiller, take it out of the freezer and pour the hot coffee into the deep lid. You can fill the chiller with up to 12.5 ounces. I usually swirl the coffee around inside for 60 seconds, or you can leave it be. Either way, when time is up, you can pour your coffee over ice into a separate cup, and then voila! You've got yourself delicious iced coffee.

Amazon HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker
Courtesy of Amazon

You can use the HyperChiller a few times before deciding to wash it. However, when the time comes, you can easily stick this device into the dishwasher. The product is easy to disassemble and reassemble and is machine-wash safe.

Making iced coffee is now super easy and quick. Plus, it saves me a ton of money from not going out and buying iced coffee every day. The total cost was a one-time purchase of $37.33 (if you have Amazon Prime, it's free shipping). I've had the product for a couple of years now, so I'd say it was money well spent. It also comes in different colors. I have this turquoise-looking one, but if that's not your aesthetic, then they have colors like pink and black.

Whether you're an iced coffee addict like myself, or just need your occasional iced coffee in the summertime, this is the perfect coffee chiller. It's also great when you're not using it for iced coffee. Try using it for any other drink, such as making iced tea or even chilling your wine!

Kayla Garritano
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