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IKEA's First-Ever Workout Collection Is Filled With Must-Haves for Your Home Gym

Your home workouts are about to get a major upgrade.

Calling all fitness enthusiasts! IKEA is dropping its first-ever workout collection, and it will give every aspect of your home gym a serious upgrade. The brand's DAJLIEN collection is a limited home training drop featuring 19 must-have products designed to support your daily movement goals and make sticking to healthy habits a total breeze. If you're anxious to shop until you drop, keep reading to learn all about IKEA's brand-new workout collection that will make exercise time much more enjoyable. And when you're finished, be sure to check out A 69-Year-Old Trainer Shares the 7 Fitness Habits That Keep Her Looking 25.

IKEA's new DAJLIEN workout collection features functional products you can use, wear, store, and even take on the go.

IKEA workout collection products

Not only are the items in IKEA's workout collection incredibly functional, but they're also designed to be aesthetically perfect additions to every home. The subtle hues and details of the products will work well in your space even when they're not being used for a workout. Plus, they're especially great for apartment or small-space living.

For example, the brand's DAJLIEN valet stand is convenient for drying your towels or workout attire, and the DAJLIEN bench is the ideal place to stow away extra items in your home while being used as a training bench (or even an end table for the in-between times)! In addition, the DAJLIEN trolley is not only plain old adorable, but it can easily be stored under your workstation or in any corner of the house. It's a great organizer for your yoga mat, yoga blocks, resistance bands, dumbbells, and more.

What items are in IKEA's new workout collection?

IKEA workout collection products

Your home workout space and wellness routine are in for a real treat. Expect to see many fitness products, along with rest and recovery items, in the DAJLIEN collection. According to IKEA's press release, some of the products include exercise mats, a portable Bluetooth speaker, a massage ball, knee pads, an air purifier, yoga straps, soothing shades, ring-shaped dumbbells, a step-up board, and even cozy clothing items such as ponchos and slippers.

The brand's workout drop makes incorporating exercise into your daily lifestyle simpler and way more fun.

"With DAJLIEN, we wanted to create smart, beautiful products to inspire and redefine training as a fun, easy, and natural everyday activity," explained Sarah Fager, designer, in the brand's official press release.

We all know that exercising—even when it's done at home—can be a major struggle at times to be consistent with. IKEA's goal is to help your workouts be easier and much more convenient within your home space. The easier it is to work out, the more likely you are to do it on an everyday basis, so IKEA is certainly onto something good! After all, "DAJLIEN" means "daily" in Småland, where IKEA was born.

The collection was inspired by visits to residences all over the world, including Shanghai, London, Chicago, and New York, to find out what actually works and what doesn't work when it comes to home workouts. The brand considered space restrictions, motivation challenges, time limitations, and that uncomfortable feeling many people get when working out at the gym. In addition, IKEA felt that many workout products tend to be bulky and not very aesthetically pleasing. This new collection addresses all of those concerns and more, hoping to help people lead a more active lifestyle in a happy environment.

Stay tuned and get ready to shop, because the line will drop in January 2024.

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