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How is Waffle House Surviving Coronavirus?

The "disaster-proof" chain's navigation of COVID-19 speaks volumes for the food industry.

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading around the United States, the only true measure of how bad things are getting can be answered with one simple question: Is your local Waffle House still open?

It's been said that the only creatures to survive a nuclear holocaust will be cockroaches. Secondly, however, would be the yellow-roofed Southern breakfast restaurant icon Waffle House, which has forever seemed impervious to disaster.

And no, that's not a joke. There is really something called the "Waffle House Index" reportedly coined by FEMA employee Craig Fugate, who famously told the Wall Street Journal it's a good way to judge just how bad a disaster is.

"If a Waffle House store is open and offering a full menu, the index is green. If it is open but serving from a limited menu, it's yellow. When the location has been forced to close, the index is red," Fugate famously explained in 2012. "Because Waffle House is well-prepared for disasters… it's rare for the index to hit red."

Waffle House is a reliable go-to dining establishment as any other, especially in Southern states. And thus far, the iconic eater has NOT been immune to the ill effects of COVID-19.

Waffle House employee Joey Park tested positive for coronavirus on March 9th, and was sent to an Atlanta area quarantine in a Georgia state campground. Shortly after, however, Park was released and eager to go back to work.

Atlanta-area local news outlet CBS46 reports:

"CBS46 first spoke with Camp when he went into isolation and after being the first and only Georgian with coronavirus.

'The last three days I've been symptom-free,' Camp said, on the phone.

>The Georgia Department of Public Health said in a statement to CBS46 that Camp was released without retesting because he has been asymptomatic for a full week, and is now considered cured.

The statement continued to say that is the new CDC guidance being followed by states.

'I'm ready to get back to work and get back in the community," Camp said.  "The only reason I'm still dragging is because I've been on my back the last week and a half.'"

Waffle House has, thus far, stayed open nationwide despite some forced closings in states dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks. They did release a statement, however, about how they are preparing for coronavirus moving forward. The statement reads:

"Our first priority has always been and will continue to be our Associates and our Customers. We want to share with you some of the steps we are taking to support that mission. We have strong relationships with the CDC and the local health departments and are following their guidance."

According to Dothan, Alabama outlet WDHN: "The statement continues with ensuring customers that the restaurants will continue to emphasize their current protocols of frequent handwashing, standard food safety protocols and not allowing our Associates to work when they are sick."

So, Waffle Houses remain OPEN right now. But, if the federal government institutes a 14-day national lockdown, things may change.

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