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5 Ways Jeff Bezos Transformed Into Buff Billionaire

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has completely transformed his physique. Here's how. 
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Beyond his business prowess, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos undertook a transformative journey towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle, as anyone who has seen him looking buff on his yacht can attest. How'd he do it? Here we delve into five pivotal ways that he achieved his remarkable physical makeover. Firstly, recognizing the significance of dietary changes, Bezos bid farewell to unhealthy eating habits and embraced nutrient-rich alternatives. Secondly, he prioritized the importance of sleep, acknowledging its positive impact on weight management and overall well-being. Additionally, Bezos sought guidance from celebrity trainer Wes Okerson, adapting personalized workout routines to attain peak physical shape. Remarkably, he balanced disciplined choices with occasional indulgences, cultivating a healthy relationship with food. Read on to discover how he did it and what experts have to say about his lifestyle changes.

He Changed His Diet

Lauren Sánchez and Jeff Bezos attend the Versace FW23 Show
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In order to look like Bezos, big changes had to be made, and one area that needed work was his diet. In a 2017 interview with his brother Mark, the 59-year-old revealed his unhealthy eating habits and how his now ex-wife MacKenzie Scott helped him get back on track. "When my wife and I got married, I had been eating a whole can, for a couple of years, I had been eating for breakfast every morning a whole can of Pillsbury biscuits." He went on to say, "I would preheat the oven to 375, I'd get out the baking sheet, I'd crack open the Pillsbury biscuits and place them on there with butter and I'd eat the whole can. And I was skinny as a rail." He added, "She watched me do this every morning as my spouse for three months and she finally stopped me one day and asked, 'Do you even know what's in that?'"

What the Expert Says: ACE certified trainer Rachel MacPherson, who is also a nutrition coach, tells us, "Pillsbury biscuits are ultra-processed refined food that is not filling or balanced. They are packed with calories but do not provide fiber or many nutrients and lack quality protein. Consuming a lot of these types of foods, such as an entire package regularly, takes up far too many calories in your daily diet, leading to the likelihood of overeating and weight gain, which is associated with several adverse health concerns, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers." She adds, "Cutting out Pillsbury biscuits will help Bezos make room for foods of higher quality that provide nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, and a more balanced macronutrient profile. Moreover, replacing them with more whole and filling foods will make him much more likely to maintain a balanced weight."

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He Sleeps 8 Hours a Night


Bezos ensures he sleeps at least eight hours a night, which aids in weight management and makes a big difference with fitness goals. He talked about the importance of sleep at a 2018 Economic Club conference. "For me, I need eight hours of sleep. I think better, I have more energy, and my mood is better."

What the Expert Says: "Sleeping for 8 hours can help you lose weight in several ways," MacPherson explains. "First, getting too little sleep leads to seeking energy from calorie-dense foods higher in refined carbs and fats. These foods don't make you fat but are challenging to eat in moderation so they can lead to overconsumption of calories." Another thing to note, MacPherson says, is that "people who get less sleep are more likely to struggle with making good choices around food and may reach for extra servings, high-calorie snacks, and other food items that mean they are not in a calorie deficit needed to lose weight. So, in other words, getting enough sleep while trying to lose weight helps with willpower and decision-making and provides you with energy that you don't feel the need to get from food instead." She adds, "In terms of exercise and daily movement if you feel rested, you can put much more effort into your workouts, which helps you burn calories needed for weight loss. You are much less likely to skip workouts if you feel rested and recovered." 

He Works Out With a Trainer

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Bezos enlisted the help of celebrity trainer Wes Okerson, who has helped Tom Cruise, Gerard Butler, and Isla Fisher get in peak physical shape for their movie roles. Lauren Sánchez, Bezos' fiancée, joked to The Wall Street Journal that, "He stole my trainer!" She added "Jeff is extremely dedicated to his workouts. I mean, you have no idea. He really puts in the work." Okerson is tight-lipped about his high-profile clients, so Bezos' exact regime isn't known, but The Week reports the trainer likes to mix up workouts and focus on a healthy diet. "The message about protein has gone into overdrive and you don't need huge amounts more unless you are a bodybuilder looking to get bigger," Okerson told the outlet. "Aim for a good balance of protein, fat and healthy carbs, with slightly more emphasis on protein and healthy fats as you get older."

What the Expert Says: "Working out with a trainer helps with your fitness goals by giving you a clear direction, plan, and progressions to take you where you want to go," MacPherson states. "Trainers will also help motivate you and keep you on track while monitoring and tracking your overall progress. When you hit roadblocks or sticking points, trainers can help figure out methods to get past them, whether lifestyle or physiology related. Trainers can also help you improve your form and provide tips for increasing your performance toward various strength and fitness goals."

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He Doesn't Deprive Himself

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Although Bezos has pivoted away from his former bad habits, he still allows himself to enjoy not-so-healthy food at times. "Every Sunday morning, Jeff makes pancakes," Sánchez told the WSJ. "He wakes up early. He gets the Betty Crocker cookbook out every time, and I'm like, 'OK, you're the smartest man in the world; why don't you have this memorized yet?' But he opens it up every time: Exact portions make the best pancakes in the world."

What the Expert Says: April Federico, a certified nutritionist, tells us, "It's imperative to avoid an 'all or nothing' mindset. Restrictive or rigid mindsets around food or enjoyment can be counterproductive. If you completely deprive yourself of indulgences, it can create a sense of longing or obsession, leading to potential overindulgence or guilt when you eventually give in. Allowing yourself controlled indulgences can help break this cycle and create a healthier relationship with food and enjoyment." She adds, " Also, permitting yourself to indulge can actually enhance your motivation and adherence to healthier habits. Knowing that you have the flexibility to enjoy occasional treats or activities makes it easier to stick to your overall health and wellness goals. It reduces the feeling of being restricted, making your healthier habits more sustainable."

He Goes Kayaking

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Staying active is key is getting back into shape and one way Bezos stays healthy is through outdoor activities like kayaking with Sánchez.

What the Expert Says: According to MacPherson, "Kayaking helps keep you in shape because it is a form of cardiovascular exercise that builds strength in your arms, shoulder, and core. It won't help you build muscle mass but can improve muscle strength. Particular muscles include lats, abs, forearms, shoulders, and biceps. It can also help build functional strength through rotational movements." She adds, "To make kayaking a cardio workout, you must paddle more continuously rather than floating or using currents to move through the water. Try performing sprints of all-out effort followed by rests for a cardio interval workout."

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