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Jesse Williams, 41, Lives by These Healthy Habits

Dr. Jackson Avery has his fitness and self-care habits down pat.

Let's be honest: Dr. Jackson Avery from "Grey's Anatomy" is a total smoke show. Fans are pretty hyped that he will make an appearance at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital once again very soon. According to Deadline, Dr. Avery—aka Jesse Williams—will be guest-starring and directing the fifth episode of season 19 of the ABC drama, which will debut on Nov. 3.

If you're wondering what the star's been up to since his swoon-worthy performance rocking his lab coat attire on "Grey's Anatomy," he's been crushing it on Broadway in "Take Me Out." Apparently, there were even some leaked nude images of Williams from the play, and Sunny Hostin, co-host of "The View," had much to say. Hostin reveals, "Jesse Williams looks like a specimen. He looks gorgeous, he looks beautiful, his body is beautiful, and—this is serious—I have at least 20 friends that have now bought tickets because of what they saw" (via NBC News).

In addition, Williams has his healthy lifestyle habits down pat. Keep reading to learn more about them, and next up, don't miss Mark Wahlberg, 51, Lives by These Fitness Habits.

Jesse Williams works with a personal trainer and nutritionist and is dedicated to his workout habits.

Jesse Williams
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In order to stay in amazing shape, even amid this actor's busy schedule, Jesse Williams gives his body major TLC. He makes time to work out, get acupuncture, and meditate. "Eating healthy and sleeping was a priority I established early for myself," he tells The Bare Magazine.

The celeb also gives a little look into his meditation regimen, adding, "My niece and nephew presented me with this handmade, beautiful, colorful Papier mâché box that they gave me to 'put my bad feelings into' after every show, so I don't have to carry them around with me. It was so sweet. It actually ties to a short meditation I do for grounding after each show."

As far as fitness is concerned, Jesse Williams goes to the gym and works with a trainer on a regular basis. "I have an incredible personal trainer and nutritionist named Yaw Owusu who I work with four times a week one-on-one. We put in very serious athletic, rigorous training. I eat on a pretty regimented plan that is actually not so oppressive, because there's plenty of protein and carbs. So I'm not bird eating or anything," Williams says.

He does a lot of self-care.

The father of two and former high school teacher does a lot of self-care. Jesse Williams tells The Unwind, "I go to therapy. I think it's really important; it's transformative for me. I love it. I have a meditation practice. I've created a kind of minimum distance with my phone usage and its role in my life and in my relationships."

When asked what self-care means to him, the 41-year-old actor explains it's all about improving himself and carving out the necessary time to kick back and relax. "It means reading more and more about self-improvement, and I gain greater access and understanding of myself as a human being, as a man, as a father, as a partner, as a person," he says, adding, "It also means putting the phone down. It also means returning to allowing myself the luxury of just sitting on the couch and watching something without feeling guilty. I'm a workaholic; I work non-stop."

He also reveals he's learned how to cut himself some slack, saying, "As of late, I've gotten more comfortable just giving myself a break. It's OK to just sit down. It's OK to just read a book that's fiction. It's OK to just have a two-hour conversation with an old friend that I haven't spoken to or seen in too long."

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