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KFC's Brand-New Value Menu Has Meals Starting at $4.99

The chicken chain is now offering three new meal options and one weekly promotion.
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Following ongoing frustrations about rising fast-food prices, KFC is offering its customers new ways to save on their favorite menu items. On Monday, the chicken chain announced its new "Taste of KFC Deals" value menu, which will be available until the end of the year.

The new menu includes three different meal options that are available every day at KFC restaurants across the U.S. Customers can also order these on KFC's website and mobile app.

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The $4.99 Meal for One (540-810 calories) includes two pieces of chicken—a drum and a thigh—plus mashed potatoes and gravy and a biscuit. Another option is the four-piece Meal for Two (1,130-1,820 calories), which features a drum, thigh, breast, and wing, along with mashed potatoes and gravy and two biscuits. The price of this meal varies by location.

taste of kfc deals promo featuring fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and a biscuit

For those looking to feed even more people, the $20 Family Deal (4,110-4,470 calories) is a six-piece meal with two drums, two thighs, one breast, and one wing, plus four individual sides and four biscuits. Side options include Secret Recipe Fries, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes with or without gravy, coleslaw, and sweet corn.

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These three meal bundles aren't the only new KFC value offerings. The chain also announced its new "$10 Tuesdays," a temporary Tuesday-only deal that grants customers a bucket of eight pieces of drums and thighs (1,020-2,400 calories) for just $10.

kfc fried chicken bucket deal promo featuring a bucket of fried chicken

"We created a value menu that actually has value," Nick Chavez, KFC's chief marketing officer, said in a press release. "The new Taste of KFC Deals menu proves you don't have to sacrifice quality or taste to save on food spending."

KFC also noted that prices, participation, and product offerings may vary, with prices being higher in Alaska, Hawaii, and California, as well as on third-party ordering websites.

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In addition to rolling out its new meal deals, KFC recently added several new items to its menu. On April 1, the fast-food chain introduced its Saucy Nuggets, which are available in five flavors: Honey Sriracha (45 calories per nugget), Korean BBQ (45 calories per nugget), Sticky Chicky Sweet 'n Sour Sauce (45 calories per nugget), Nashville Hot (60 calories per nugget), and Georgia Gold (60 calories per nugget).

Customers can score a free 10-piece order of these new nuggets with any digital order of at least $10.

Beyond the Saucy Nuggets, KFC also debuted new Apple Pie Poppers (80 calories each). These are made with a buttery, flaky crust and warm apple pie filling.

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