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What to Buy and What to Skip at Kroger Bakery

Next time you're at Kroger and in need of a baked good, here's what to grab—and what to avoid.

If you're a big fan of Kroger—you'll be surprised to know this beloved grocer has actually been around since the 1880s! Over time, they've evolved their offerings to include a vast selection of organic goods, trendy pantry staples, and of course, freshly-baked goods. To date, Kroger is the country's largest supermarket by revenue and comes in second as a general retailer. Though there are plenty of positive features and offerings to rave about Kroger, there are some areas of improvement. In fact, while the Kroger bakery should be your stop for certain goods, it's worth shopping elsewhere for other items.

Here, this is what Yelp reviewers say to buy and skip at the Kroger bakery.

Buy: Birthday Cake

birthday cake

Is your child's birthday approaching fast and you need a cake, stat? Consider shopping at Kroger bakery for your celebration. As one Yelp reviewer explained, not only was the experience fast and painless, but the design and flavor was exactly what she wanted. In general, she raved the 'cake journey' as a standout from others.

Skip: French Bread


Sadly, a quick jaunt to Paris to bring home the perfect baguette is likely not a reality for most of us. For a less expensive option, many people stop by their local grocery store's bakery to serve with dinner or lunch. Whether you're hoping for a nice, soft platter for cold cuts and cheese or the ideal dipping piece, don't shop at Kroger. As one Atlanta-based Yelp reviewer shared, no matter how many times they've tried to pick up a quick loaf for their deli sandwiches, it's always hard—and far from fresh.

Buy: King Cake

king cake

If you're from New Orleans or you've ever headed down South to celebrate Mardi Gras, you know King Cake is a dessert classic. This creamy, gooey creation topped with purple, green and yellow sprinkles is a tradition in the Old Easy—and one that many folks celebrate every late February or early March. For those who aren't exactly skilled bakers, consider picking up a King Cake from Kroger. One Houston Yelp reviewer said it was some of the best cake they've ever had!

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Skip: Pinterest-inspired cakes

pintrest inspired birthday cake

While Kroger is a great destination for your regular 'ole birthday cakes, a Virginia Beach Yelp reviewer said there are limitations to their creative ability. She wanted a Cookie Monster cake for her son's first birthday, and the result was less than stellar. In fact, she said the dough came out hard, the cookie was too soft and the frosting was unimpressive.

Buy: Gluten-free bread

gluten free bread

When you have allergic reactions or sensitivities to certain products, it's sometimes an uphill battle to find goods that meet your needs. That's where Kroger can help in a pinch. One gluten-free blogger discovered their selection of options that fit her lifestyle, all at an affordable price. When they're on sale or she has a coupon, she says she'll stock up and freeze them because it's always needed and often difficult to source.

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