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7 Foods Lainey Wilson Eats on Tour to Stay Slim 

Here's what country singer Lainey Wilson eats on the road to stay healthy.
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After years of endless record label rejections, Lainey Wilson is establishing herself as the next big thing in country music. Like many struggling artists, Wilson faced a tough time breaking into the scene, but the 31-year-old is no longer just getting by–she's soaring. Known for her signature bell bottoms (which inspired the title of her latest album, 2022's Bell Bottom Country), Wilson grew up working beside her father, a fifth-generation farmer, on corn and cotton fields in her hometown of Baskin, Louisiana, which has a population of just 200 people.

The "Heart Like a Truck" singer has since gone on to have a role in Yellowstone and blow up the country music charts but continues to love and miss her small town, especially for the food. Wilson is currently on tour but recently spoke to Delish about what she eats to stay healthy on the road. Read on to see what she said, and what an expert nutritionist thinks of her choices. 

She Eats Foods From Different Regions


Wilson was always a picky eater, but touring with her bandmates has introduced her to new culinary experiences she's excited about. "I feel like I have a band and crew who are just really a bunch of foodies," she said. "They've kind of pushed me outside of my comfort zone and made me try things out on the road that I wouldn't necessarily try on my own."

What the Expert Says: "Being open to trying new cuisines is a great way to diversify your diet," Sports performance dietitian Destini Moody, RD, CSSD, LD, tells us. "When you eat the same things repeatedly, you tend to get the same nutrients. By changing the types of food you are eating, you are more likely to expose yourself to various nutrients and antioxidants." She adds, "Furthermore, it keeps eating exciting by exposing you to different spices and cooking methods that could be better for your health than your current diet, depending on the cuisine."

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She Eats Meal Prepped Lunches and Dinners

healthy meal prep containers with chicken, rice, and vegetables

​​Eating healthy while traveling and touring is a challenge, but not impossible. It can sometimes take a little extra effort like meal prepping, but Wilson doesn't mind. "I really do enjoy meal prepping and having things handy, because I feel like when you don't have those things handy, that's when you mess up and that's when you eat something that makes you feel bad," Wilson said. 

What the Expert Says: "Meal prepping is vital to stay prepared while dieting or to adopt healthier eating habits," says Moody. "We often get into trouble with our diet when we are unprepared. Meaning without healthy food being readily accessible, it's much easier for us to make bad food choices at work, out with friends, or traveling away from home. If you've ever felt starving and driven by a fast food spot, you know how even the strongest willpower can be weakened." She adds, "Thus, meal prepping can not only keep you prepared with healthy food at hand to prevent these spontaneous decisions, but it can help you keep track of the number of calories you are consuming if you are dieting, given you have better knowledge of what the food contains when you've prepared it yourself." 

She Loves Crawfish


Wilson grew up eating local and fresh crawfish, something she misses when she's not in her hometown. "Especially this time of year, I miss being home in Louisiana because it's crawfish season," she revealed. "So whenever I got off of my headline and tour, I was like, 'All right, we got to find some crawfish.'" 

What the Expert Says: According to Moody, "Crawfish, like shrimp and other similar seafood, is an excellent source of lean protein. Dietitians call it an "efficient' source of protein, given that one serving is only 70 calories but offers 14 grams of protein." She continues, "That's the same number of calories as a single egg but twice the protein. As crawfish contains most of its calories from protein rather than saturated fat, it is an ideal addition to your diet as it is lower in saturated fat than other animal foods."

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She's a Smart Snacker

eating almonds

​​It's easy to snack on processed foods and sugar, but Wilson is always on hand with her favorite healthy go-to's: almonds, beef jerky, and hummus, according to Delish.

What the Expert Says: "Healthy snacks like beef jerky, hummus, and almonds contain healthy fats and protein, which can help you feel fuller for longer," Moody explains. "Not only can these compounds help with the feeling of fullness, but they come from healthy sources. Hummus, for example, is made from heart-healthy olive oil, which is a much better way to nourish yourself between meals than an alternative like chips and cookies."

She Doesn't Skip Breakfast

High protein keto breakfast of bacon and eggs

Eating three good meals on the road isn't always an option, but Wilson tries and makes time for breakfast, which is usually eggs and bacon. "It's really hard to make sure that you're disciplined enough to do that. I try my best that I possibly can," she said. 

What the Expert Says: "Even though everyone has heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is still an option for most people," Moody states. "But I cannot overstate the importance of breakfast! Many times when clients come to me, saying that they get seemingly random cravings late in the day or night, I almost always find out it's because they've been skipping breakfast." She adds, "It's necessary to break the fast you've been on during your sleep with a meal within two hours of waking up. If you sleep for eight hours, you won't go 8+ hours during the day without eating, would you? You would be starving! So, eating breakfast is critical to balance your hunger hormones, preventing cravings, and preventing overeating and potential weight gain."

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She Eats Dark Chocolate Daily

dark chocolate

Wilson works hard at staying healthy while touring, but she doesn't deprive herself. "Even if it's just a little piece of candy, I've got to have my dark chocolate," she told Delish. "At some point in time, I will have a bite of chocolate every single day."

What the Expert Says: Some studies have shown that dark chocolate contains an antioxidant that can help keep the heart healthy. Thus, it can be beneficial to eat it every day if you get a choco craving. Just be sure to limit your portion to no more than 1 ounce daily to limit your fat and sugar intake.

She Eats Salads

unhealthy salad

For lunch, Wilson has a salad with grilled shrimp or chicken but isn't giving up the dressing. "I love all the dressings that are basically not healthy for you," she said. "The ranch, all of the thick mayonnaise-based dressings are what I really, really like." 

What the Expert Says: According to Moody, "Eating salad, especially with high-quality animal protein, is a great way to get midday fiber. Not only does the fiber come from the fruits and vegetables, which we should be having at every meal, but having a lunch full of fiber can help you feel fuller for a longer time. Since fiber breaks down slowly in the stomach, this means that you can go for a longer time without needing a meal or snack. You are now controlling your intake and managing a healthy weight."

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