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5 Mind-Blowing Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Leftover Pizza

Those cold pizza slices in your fridge are about to get a major upgrade.
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There is nothing quite like ordering in a pizza pie. It's a staple comfort food and every once in a while, you just want to indulge. But since, you know, you really shouldn't eat an entire pie by yourself in one sitting, there's a good chance you will have some leftover slices. So what exactly can you do with leftover pizza?

Plenty! It's a lot easier than you may think to get creative and reinvent those now cold pizza slices into a delicious meal. All you need are some leftover pizza hacks.

Your wish is our command. See, Domino's Australia Newsroom actually took it up themselves to share some wisdom with the world and explain a few truly mind-blowing things you can make with those slices in your fridge, thanks to their leftover pizza hacks.



That's right, you can take your leftover pizza and turn it into a yummy dessert, an idea that comes courtesy of Domino's Japan team. How does it work? Well, it all comes down to those beloved pizza crusts. All you have to do is take the crusts from the leftover pizza slices, fry them, and add some powdered sugar or icing. And there's nothing wrong with a little chocolate sauce to dip them in, too.


pizza omelet on a white plate with spices

Yes, you can totally have pizza for breakfast. All you have crack some eggs and scrape off the leftover pizza toppings from your slice to make the omelet. That's it! Some pepperoni, sausage, and cheese sounds pretty solid with eggs, don't you think?

Toasted Sandwich

leftover pizza

Have two slices left? Then this the perfect way to eat them both at the same time in one dish. All you have to do is break out the sandwich press or waffle iron for this one. You then layer the two pizza slices with the toppings facing inward and place it in whichever of these appliances. The end result is a sandwich that has a crunchy crust on the outside and melted, gooey cheese, and yummy toppings on the inside. Is your mouth-watering yet?

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Bread Dipping Sticks

pizza sticks with dipping sauces

If you've ever wondered if those breadsticks that easily break apart and are oh so dippable happen to just look like regular pizza slices, you'll understand why this leftover pizza hack is just genius. All you have to do is take the pizza—including the crust—and slice it into long strips. Once you reheat, serve alongside sauces, creating a solid appetizer.

The Best-Ever Next-Day Slice

reheat pizza

Sometimes you really do just want to eat another slice the next day, with no frills. Nothing wrong with that! But how you reheat your leftover pizza really makes or breaks it since no one wants to eat a sad, soggy slice. Domino's suggests reheating the pizza slice in the microwave along with a half cup of water for about 30 seconds. Simple as that!

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