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Marie Kondo Shares What's On Her Grocery List & It's Sparking Serious Joy

The home organization pro uses the same tactics on her pantry as she does her closet—here's what's currently "sparking joy."

Who better to teach you about efficient grocery shopping than anti-clutter queen Marie Kondo? The world-famous organizing consultant is known for the "KonMari Method" of de-cluttering your household, and your life, where you focus on keeping items that "spark joy" and discarding ones that don't. This allows you to simplify those spring cleaning tasks that often feel daunting and impossible.

Now, the best-selling author revealed how she transferred her organizational skills from the wardrobe to the pantry. In a recent interview with Epicurious, she described that the key to a successful grocery store trip is to approach it with "intention and a plan." Kondo does so by pre-planning menus for her kids' school lunches and for family dinners. "I'll always survey my kitchen beforehand, assessing what I need more of, what I already have and what is expiring soon so I can get inspiration on what dishes need to be cooked first," she said.

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She'll then handwrite her grocery list and shop in accordance with the store layout and "natural flow of the aisles." For example, you could grab the produce first, then the meat, then the dried foods, etc. And don't worry if you pick up an unexpected treat along the way, as Kondo says she'll stray from her list when it comes to new items that pique her interest or some unexpected surprises for her kids.

So what's currently on Kondo's grocery list, you ask? Well, according to the organization guru herself, kombu, dried shiitake mushrooms, and tofu for a homemade dashi soup is on repeat this winter. She explained that miso soup from scratch is her family's go-to breakfast as it makes for a fun cooking activity that she can do with her children. While talking about recipes, Kondo also revealed that her grocery shopping style is similar to that of her tidying method.

You can apply Kondo's tactics in your own pantry by keeping any food item that "sparks joy" when tidying up (via The Kitchn). Looks like those stacked semi-sweet chocolate chips are here to stay!

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