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These Spring Cleaning Exercises Will Have You Burning Calories, Trainer Says

Cleaning brings new meaning to working out.

When you are always ready to stay fit, where there's a will, there's most certainly a way. There are some pretty sneaky ways to get in an extra workout and burn more calories, and spring cleaning is no exception. A deep cleaning session in the house is the ultimate time to sneak in a workout, torch extra calories, and at the same time, get your space clean, clutter-free, and so fresh for a brand new season. Gear up to multi-task during this ultra-efficient "cleaning workout." We spoke with Jacquie Smith, a certified integrative nutrition health coach from IIN and fitness instructor about the absolute best spring cleaning exercises you can do to burn calories and keep fit. So crank up the tunes, and grab a broom or Swiffer! It's time to shake things up and make your space sparkle and shine.

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These little exercise tips will take your cleaning routine to the next level

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Be sure to keep in mind these "little adapts," as Smith dubs them, or tips that will totally bring your spring cleaning session to the next level, complete with built-in exercises.

  • First off, Smith notes that while you're cleaning countertops and doing a bit of furniture polishing, use a circular motion in both directions. This will work your triceps and shoulders.
  • While stretching to do overhead dusting, closet cleaning, and window washing, Smith says to also do some calf raises.
  • Activate your glutes in a malasana squat while loading and unloading the laundry. You can do this while folding, too!
  • Work some walking lunges into your Swiffer and/or vacuuming routine to target your lower body.
  • Cleaning supplies can serve as dumbbells to "build your biceps," as Smith puts it.

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This circuit is a solid spring cleaning workout

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Chart out your chores, and get creative as you work through them. You can add a quick 15-minute walk before and after taking out the trash, and you can even add in running up and down the steps a few times between scrubbing your kitchen. Here is Smith's suggested circuit you can add to your cleaning day:

  • 10 countertop push-ups
  • 10 squats
  • 30-second straight arm plank
  • 15-minute walk
  • 10 lunges (each leg)
  • 10 dips
  • 30-second forearm plank

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Get ready for a mini workout and a totally refreshed space

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Challenge yourself, and the fitness moves you incorporate into your spring refresh will not only make your cleaning more fun, but you'll be getting in a mini workout in every single room of your house. Hey, this productive trend may even inspire you to plan some cleaning projects more often!

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