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McDonald's Fans Discover Secret 'Dinner Box' That Feeds 4 People For Just $12

At a time when McDonald's prices are facing major backlash, customers say this secret deal is "worth it."
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It's no secret that dining at a fast-food joint nowadays isn't nearly as affordable as it used to be. Many of America's major chains have significantly hiked their prices in recent years due to rising costs and a myriad of other reasons, drawing fierce backlash from customers forced to pay more for their favorite fast-food items. But in good news for budget-conscious McDonald's fans, the chain is currently offering an extremely affordable meal deal that could give guests some relief from the soaring prices that have become all too common in 2024.

Scores of customers are now discovering for the first time that some McDonald's locations sell "dinner boxes" that can feed four people for around $12. While these dinner boxes don't appear to be a brand-new offering at the chain, they've been garnering significant buzz over the past week thanks to several viral TikTok videos highlighting the meal deal.

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TikTok creator @xolovelei, for example, has racked up nearly 12 million views on a mid-March video where she picked up a dinner box for her family and then unboxed it at home for viewers. The boxes come with two cheeseburgers, two Big Macs, four small fries, a 10-piece order of Chicken McNuggets, and the customer's preferred sauces. No drinks were included with the meal deal.


$12 Dinner Boxes at McDonald's is worth it!! #budgetfriendly #mcdonaldshacks #fyp

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The TikToker declared the box "worth it" for the price—and for good reason. When we added all of those items separately to a mobile order at a central New Jersey McDonald's location, the grand total came out to more than $35. That's significantly more than the $12 @xolovelei paid for her family's dinner box. Many fellow TikTokers were amazed at how affordable the meal deal was compared to the prices they typically pay at McDonald's.

"That's crazy! I paid $6 today for six nuggets and a medium Coke," one user commented on the post.

"I didn't know they had that, what a deal!" another wrote.

Any McDonald's customers hoping to score one of these dinner boxes should take note that availability and prices seem to vary by location. Several TikTokers commented on @xolovelei's post to report that the deal isn't currently available at their local McDonald's stores. Others confirmed that the dinner boxes are available in their areas, but said they can cost up to $22. Customers should check directly with their local McDonald's restaurants to confirm the availability and price of the dinner box before heading over.

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McDonald's did not immediately respond to our queries for more details on where the dinner boxes are available in the United States.

The buzz surrounding McDonald's dinner boxes came as the chain struggles to bring in lower-income customers wary of inflation and rising restaurant costs. Consumers have been sounding off heavily against Mickey D's on social media lately over rising prices for staple offerings like Big Mac combos and the Egg McMuffin.

However, McDonald's revealed during an earnings call last month that it plans to slow down its price increases as inflation continues to incrementally come down. The chain is also trying to entice price-conscious consumers back to its restaurants with affordable meal bundles priced under $4 that are now available at 90% of its American restaurants.

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