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6 Exciting New Items You Can Now Find at Costco

Keep an eye out for these tantalizing new treats.
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It's easy to feel overwhelmed when you're searching for food amid the dense crowds and towering stacks of bulk goods at your local Costco warehouse.

In this dizzying state, it's easy to miss some things, too. Costco rolls out cool new eats all the time, but provides no direction or really any sort of advertisement to indicate what or where these things might be.

Luckily, there are many Costco-obsessed treasure hunters on social media, showing us all where to look for the most tantalizing new discoveries within the great maze of the warehouse club.

Here are six things our intrepid, internet-based guides are pointing out right now.

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Kirkland Signature Sriracha Seasoning

Sriracha seasoning at Costco
Courtesy of Costco

Costco's private label Kirkland Signature is now offering its own Asian-style spice blend. A 15-ounce container costs $8.69 online, but can be found as low as $6.99 at your local warehouse. Instagram's @costcohiddengems recommends the "garlicky zesty spice" for all sorts of dishes, including eggs, soups, and pastas: "It's not too spicy and is super versatile." One Reddit poster advised to sprinkle it on your oatmeal in the mornings: "Try it. It's good."

Veggiecraft Penne Pasta

Courtesy of Veggiecraft

Made in Italy, this vegan-friendly non-GMO dry pasta from Veggiecraft Farms is blended from three types of flour: lentil, pea and zucchini. Packed with 23 grams of protein, according to the company, the pasta is so new that it doesn't yet appear on Costco's website, but Instagram's @costcobuys reports that it's now available at select warehouses: "I LOVE how easy it is to swap into your favorite pasta dishes!"

Honey Mama's Cocoa Truffle Bars

Honey Mamas cocoa truffle bars
Courtesy of Honey Mama's

The recent arrival of these raw honey-sweetened treats from Portland's Honey Mama's raised some questions on social media. Is it a snack? Is it a protein bar? One Redditor, who spotted a variety pack of six bars for $16.99 at a Los Angeles-area warehouse, quickly set the record straight: "It is a snack…not a protein bar as it has 1g of protein." Instagram's @costcohiddengems describes these snacks as "more like fudge than chocolate" with a "distinctive hint of coconut that so many paleo/keto sweets tend to have." 

Wilde Buffalo-Style Chips

Wilde Buffalo Style Chips
Courtesy of Wilde Brands

Chips made from chicken? Ok, we'll bite. These protein-packed Buffalo-style snacks from Wilde Brands are now available at warehouses in at least a dozen states, according to Instagram's @costcobuys, who calls them "my FAVORITE new snack," noting "they're thin and crispy just like potato chips…but with 5x the protein and half the carbs!"

Bob's Salted Caramel Warrior Mix

Bob's Salted Caramel Warrior Mix
Courtesy of BeeFree

A lot of popular snacks just don't jibe with a gluten-free diet. Thankfully, there's Indiana's Bee Free Gluten-Free Bakery, making healthy, tasty treats from almonds, seeds and honey for all your wheat-averse friends. Instagram's @costcohotfinds tipped us off to this salted caramel-flavored mix, now found at warehouses across the Southeast: "It's soft, chewy, deliciously nutty and the perfect filling snack." 

Goodles Cheddy Mac

Goodles Cheddy Mac
Courtesy of Goodles

Like the boxed macaroni and cheese from your childhood, only healthier, Goodles uses nutrient-packed noodles made from chickpea protein and all sorts of vegetables. Instagram's @costco_doesitagain calls it the "cheesiest mac and cheese that's just gooder," noting that 8-packs of the boxed mac are now available at Costco locations in California and Hawaii.

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