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This Grocery Chain Is Still Facing Product Delays After Over a Year

Some items may not be available for purchase, the company says.

Baby formula is the most recent grocery item to face a huge shortage with up to 50% of stock unavailable and leaving parents scrambling. As every shopper knows, though, this issue is far from the only one to hit store shelves. In the two years since the pandemic, we saw panic buying turn into price hikes which also brought long shipping interruptions. While everything is getting back to normal slowly, one grocery chain isn't quite there yet.

Each week for over a year now ALDI has noted that some of its items may not be available for purchase because of shipping delays. The earliest recording was on May 12, 2021, with the most recent being May 18, 2022, and unfortunately, it seems like the problem may not be resolved anytime soon.

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"We are experiencing shipping delays and are working around the clock to fix it," the company says on a dedicated Produce Delays page on its website. "We know it is frustrating and we are sorry for any and all inconveniences…We are trying our best to limit these delays and we will make products available in store as soon as possible."

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The items currently affected include pool floats, churros, graduation cards, blankets, baskets, wreaths, lights, and bowls on the "ALDI Finds" lists. These are different items set to make their debut at the ALDI store in your neighborhood each week. Snacks, bakery items, frozen items, and other foods are included, as are home goods, kitchen essentials and appliances, decor, and seasonal products.

Eat This, Not That! reached out to ALDI to find out when the product delays are expected to be resolved. A spokesperson for the company said there is no new information on the issue at this time.

Although there is no fix for this yet, one way to be prepared is to check the "ALDI Finds Product Delays" site for items on your list. And if you're headed to any other grocery store, be prepared because the ingredients for this meal have never been more expensive.

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