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ALDI Says It Is Still Facing Product Delays

Here's what may be missing on your next shopping trip.

Supply chain issues resulting from the ongoing pandemic, inclement weather, and more problems are causing shortages at top grocery stores, including ALDI. In fact, updates posted to the low-cost chain's website reveal that certain items may not be available on your next shopping trip because of shipping delays.

The items on this list are part of the retailer's "ALDI Finds," which are seasonal products that hit shelves every week. The delays are timely, because you may not be able to find some game day foods in the run up to the Olympics and the Super Bowl. We're talking about items like Bacon or Buffalo Chicken Dip, Crunchy Rice Rolls, Pretzel Bites, and SunChips.

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"We are experiencing shipping delays and are working around the clock to fix it. We know it is frustrating, and we are sorry for any and all inconveniences," the retailer says on its website. "These delays mean that the below ALDI Finds may not be in store on the advertised on sale date."

The grocery chain has tracked shipping delays on a weekly basis since last year. In total, more than 10 items are featured on the current list of products that "may not be available for purchase" on their advertised date.

Recently, Mondelez, the food and beverage company responsible for beloved snacks such as Oreos and Ritz Crackersrevealed that in addition to raising the price of its snacks, it was also using early COVID-19 era manufacturing tactics as it worked to rebuild its inventory levels. In the meantime, not only may shoppers have to pay more for their favorite snacks, but they also might have a hard time finding them on supermarket shelves.

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