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Arby's Is Discontinuing This Beloved Side Dish

Did the chain just cut the wrong potato?

The writing may have been on the wall when Arby's introduced crinkle-cut fries in March. And while we speculated this might mean the end of the chain's signature curly fries, it's actually a different potato side dish that's getting the boot: the Potato Cakes.

According to The Takeout, Arby's has confirmed that Potato Cakes are being permanently removed from the menu as we speak. But the chain did leave room for their potential return in the future.

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"Arby's is constantly evaluating and evolving our menu offering. Our Curlies have long been a fan favorite, but after many months of R&D and extensive market testing, customers made it clear our all-new Crinkles were a hit and we had created a true companion on equal footing to its legendary predecessor. Now we have the two best fries in QSR – crinkles and curlies – and they go great together! Although our Potato Cakes have been discontinued (for now), who's to say they're gone forever?" the company said in an email to the publication.

arbys potato cakes
Courtesy of Arby's

Meanwhile, customers have sounded off on the change and Arby's current potato offerings on Reddit. The overwhelming majority said their preferred Arby's potato side was the cakes—so the chain may have cut the wrong spud!

This gives us flashbacks to last year when Taco Bell discontinued their potato items. The backlash from fans, especially vegetarian ones, was so fervent that the chain ended up bringing the Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes and Spicy Potato Soft Tacos back in March. And let's not forget that KFC's beloved potato wedges similarly stirred up controversy when they were cut last year and replaced with the thick-cut Secret Recipe Fries. Fast-food fans are very particular about their potatoes!

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