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This Beloved 1990s Cereal Is Coming Back to Grocery Store Shelves

The most important meal of the day is about to get a touch sweeter again.

Some foods will forever hold a special place in our hearts, and have the power to release a flood of memories with each bite. Sugary and delicious old-school cereals certainly have this effect, bringing us back to a simpler time of Sunday mornings filled with cartoons and not a worry in the world. 

Lovers of one nostalgic cereal will soon enjoy this feeling again, as the brand returns to shelves following its heartbreaking discontinuation back in 2018. 

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Post Consumer Brands announced that Waffle Crisp is making a comeback, and this time it's here to stay. Starting in June, the cereal will be available at Walmart shelves, and will roll out in other retail stores across the country in July. Not to worry, Waffle Crisp fans, it features the same great taste, but in upgraded box packaging. Shoppers will also have two size options including a regular 11.5-ounce box or a family-sized 20-ounce box–perfect for those with 4-years worth of built up cravings. 

Waffle Crisp
Courtesy of Post

Waffle Crisp originally launched in 1996, joining Post's family of brands including Honeycomb, Grape-Nuts, PEBBLES, Raisin Bran, and more. The cereal packs all the goodness of a homemade waffle into bite-sized squares, and some 90's babies may even remember a few of the brand's original advertisements featuring grannies making each tiny waffle by hand. 

Waffle Crisp's exit from the market was met with a surge of requests from avid fans asking for the return of the classic breakfast treat. Post listened and to show appreciation for "fans' continued patience", announced it would also be giving away 10 complimentary boxes of the cereal to randomly selected fans through social media prior to the official re-release date. 

The cereal manufacturer has a history of taking consumer feedback to heart, having gone through a similar cycle with its brand Oreo O's, which was discontinued in 2007 to later be brought back in 2017. 

To find Waffle Crisp–or any of Post's other beloved names–at a store close to you, use the website's handy cereal finder

As you walk down the grocery store aisles to claim your box, you may also notice the reappearance of a few of your other favorite childhood treats. Check out 4 Nostalgic Grocery Store Favorites Coming Back Soon to see what other cherished and long-lost items are available yet again. 

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