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The #1 Best Breakfast Habit for Your Heart, New Study Says

Adding this to your diet can help protect your heart.
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When you wake up in the morning and head to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, you might aim to include healthy items such as cereal and perhaps some fruit to provide you with both the nutrients required to keep your body in great shape and the kind of energy you need to get you through your day.

At the same time, new research has shown that adding eggs to your morning meal can help to protect your heart.

In the study that was published by eLife, 4,778 participants between the ages of 30 and 79 years old—1,377 who did not previously have cardiovascular disease and 3,401 who did —were asked how often they ate eggs as well as other foods such as rice, meat, and vegetables.

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When those behind the study then took a look at the blood of the participants, they found that those who regularly ate eggs had more apolipoprotein A1 in their systems, which can lead to high-density lipoprotein molecules that help prevent both heart attacks and stroke.


Beyond that, those who made eggs a part of their diet had fewer metabolites that are associated with heart disease.

"Together, our results provide a potential explanation for how eating a moderate amount of eggs can help protect against heart disease," said study author Canqing Yu, Associate Professor at the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Peking University, via EurekAlert!.

At the same time, Yu acknowledged that "[m]ore studies are needed to verify the causal roles that lipid metabolites play in the association between egg consumption and the risk of cardiovascular disease."

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