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Billy Joel Reveals New Look After 50-Pound Weight Loss

The five-time Grammy winner has returned to the stage after an impressive health transformation.

Billy Joel fans know that for decades, the legendary singer-songwriter has been in a "New York State of Mind"—but as the Piano Man resumed his residency at Madison Square Garden last week, thousands also found him in a refreshed and healthy state of mind. Here's what was behind Joel's recent 50-pound weight loss.

It was November 5 when Billy Joel, 72, stepped before a crowd at Madison Square Garden for the first time since February 2020 (in what was reportedly his 120th show in the history of his MSG career). As Men's Health has reported (via MSN), the audience cheered on the icon as he grinned from behind the piano. Part of his energy was likely thanks to the steps Joel took for his health at the start of this year.

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"I see pictures of myself…"

billy joel tony bennett
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Exploring the Arts

Men's Health referenced a Rolling Stone interview from 2019 (the same year this photo with Tony Bennett was taken). In that interview, Billy Joel described himself as a "schlubby-looking guy," and said, "I see pictures of myself at the Garden recently, and I go, 'That don't look right.'"

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Decisions from his younger years had caught up.

Billy Joel young
Express Newspapers/Getty Images

In 2010, the BBC reported that Joel had undergone a double-hip replacement to address a "congenital" condition.

Shortly after, in 2013, Joel shared further about this in a New York Times interview when he mentioned he "was probably born with dysplasia."

He also confessed that four decades of intense performances may have taken a toll: "Way back in the early '70s, I used to do somersaults, flips off the piano. I would climb up cables and hang upside down, anything to get attention," he said.

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These days, Billy Joel continues to manage his health.

billy joel concert
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Taking his seat on the piano bench last Friday night at MSG, the singer shared a svelte and smiling look—but, as he explained to Howard Stern in late October, it wasn't the product of a seamless weight loss journey. "I had back surgery early this year and the pain afterward was so bad I lost my appetite," Joel said.

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But last week, Billy Joel debuted a healthy new look.

billy joel
Rick Kern/Getty Images

In any case, fans seemed thrilled that Billy Joel was back, evidently sounding as in-shape as ever.

As Instagram user @debbyhymowitz shared in her live video post from last Friday's show, Joel opened by announcing: "We're back at the Garden!"

The fan also said the singer performed "all the classics of places we know and love" and displayed "RESILIENCE. UNITY, JOY, ENERGY… INSANE TALENT!"

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