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Burger King Has Just Announced This Huge Change To Its Breakfast Menu

BK breakfast fans: Get ready to rejoice.

While McDonald's plans to stick to last year's decision to slash some breakfast offerings—as they revealed this week—it appears Burger King could (finally) be eyeing this as a major opening. If you've always thought Burger King does a better fast-food breakfast than anybody, just wait until you hear what they're planning next.

With no disrespect to the Whopper: If you've always thought the best items at Burger King are the Croissan'Wich and French toast sticks, get excited. This week, some big fast-food brands reviewed their first-quarter sales with investors. Restaurant Business reports that Jose Cil, CEO of Restaurant Brands International (the company that owns Burger King) told investors that for a while now, Burger King has been looking to focus on its breakfast in a big way.

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Unfortunately, Cil admitted, they haven't pivoted in that direction as swiftly as they might have intended. That's partly because when they came up with the idea, morning drive-thru traffic was slow due to the lockdown—meaning, millions of people simply were no longer out and about in the mornings.

However, as Restaurant Business has stated that Burger King took "a time-out during the pandemic," the brand used that period to make some critical evaluations. After March's reportedly successful revival of the French Toast Sandwich, one of BK executives' biggest conclusions is that, as CEO Cil said, they're strategizing "to make Burger King the preferred breakfast destination in our space."

To which you might be saying: It always has been! The truth is, while Burger King was one of the very first fast-food chains to go big with their breakfast offerings back in the '80s, these days Burger King breakfast only accounts for a reported 13% of total business. That's in comparison to 25% for McDonald's. So while McDonald's has made major menu cuts the past year, including the elimination of All Day Breakfast, some BK breakfast loyalists might be praying Burger King will finally make breakfast items like the Croissan'Wich available all day long.

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