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Burger King Just Brought Back This Beloved Breakfast Sandwich

The hefty item first made waves in 2019.

After bringing back several menu favorites this spring, Burger King is piling on the moves that will make fans even happier. The chain just announced there's a new limited-time breakfast sandwich returning to the menu for the first time since 2019.

Burger King's French Toast Sandwich is back on the menus nationwide starting this week. The item is exactly what you think it is: a sandwich with eggs, American cheese, and a choice of sausage, bacon, or ham, served between two slices of French toast. But Burger King is improving on its 2019 rendition further, this time including a Buttery Maple Spread for an extra hit of sweetness and aroma reminiscent of the beloved brunch staple.

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And this isn't the only novelty you'll find on their breakfast menu. The chain recently announced a limited-time return of its sourdough bread which can most famously be found in their popular Sourdough King sandwich, but also in several of their morning offerings like the Double Sausage or Double Bacon Sourdough Breakfast King.

Cheesy Tots, one of the chain's most beloved sides, have also made an appearance on the menu this spring—the first sighting since 2019.

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