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Burger King Is Replacing This Long-Standing Value Deal and Customers Are Not Happy

The $5 Mix n' Match is being replaced with a similar albeit slightly pricier deal.

Restaurant chains have been upping their prices like never before and customers are less than thrilled. With the disappearance of the Dollar Menus and portion sizes becoming noticeably smaller, fast food isn't as affordable as it used to be.

Burger King is one of the chains that has been doing away with value to make room for more premium offerings. 

Customers are still unhappy about paper coupons being phased out, a change that the company announced last year. In February the chain continued with its new strategy of reducing the volume of promotions it offers by removing the Whopper from the Two for $5 promotion. And now, the popular deal itself finds itself on the chopping block.

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According to Chew Boom, Burger King is replacing its long-standing $5 Mix n' Match promotion with a similar albeit slightly pricier deal. The new value menu will now stand at $6 for any two sandwiches on offer, which includes the Impossible King, Big King, Big Fish, Original Chicken Sandwich, and Single Quarter Pound King.

This isn't the first time the chain has flipped the price on its popular Mix n' Match promotion, however. In 2020, the promotion was discounted from Two for $6 to $5, according to Thrillist. This could mean the cheaper version of the deal could come back for a limited time in the future. 

A recent Reddit post discussing the new Two for $6 showed that while many customers agree that inflation is at play, they wonder how the deal will play out for the chain in the long run.  

Some customers say they simply refuse to pay any more money for Burger King's food based on its quality–which apparently isn't even worth the extra 50 cents per sandwich. 

The chain also removed Chicken Fries as part of the promotion and replaced the item with the new Impossible King Sandwich, a plant-based sandwich that debuted on June 23. Customers aren't as pleased with this selection, as some have cited the choices as being lackluster. 

Burger King isn't the only chain forgoing its value deals and bumping up prices. Fast food menus, in general, have been steadily increasing in price. Wendy's has raised its prices by 6% since March, McDonald's by 8% since April, Chipotle by 10% since February, and Starbucks has managed a whopping 20% since that same time last year.

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