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Camila Mendes Just Shared Her Exact Workout to Stay Toned

Even with her busy schedule, the "Riverdale" star makes her well-being a priority.

Even while spending long hours on the Riverdale set, actor Camila Mendes makes sure she makes her well-being a priority. In a new interview with Shape, the actor opened up about the exact workout routine she's stuck to throughout the pandemic, and how it's kept her feeling healthy and confident.

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She works out in the morning.

camila mendes in denim jacket and jeans stretching outdoors

When Mendes doesn't have to be on set early in the morning, she opts to work out early. "On the days I can work out first thing in the morning, I definitely do," says Mendes.

"On normal days, I make a fun routine out of it. I go over to my trainer's house, Andrea 'LA' Thoma Gustin, where she has a garage gym set up. I bring my dog to play with hers. It feels like a hangout; it's organic and makes me happy."

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She's a circuit training devotee.

camila mendes posing in jeans and jacket outdoors

To stay toned, Mendes says her trainer "does a lot of circuit training, but she always switches it up." However, she also enjoys a more relaxed approach to exercise from time to time.

"I try a lot of different classes, but I always come back to yoga and Pilates," she told Shape in 2018.

She relies on regular massages.

camila mendes wearing white collared shirt and black bow tie

Long hours on set and intense workouts can leave anyone feeling sore, so Mendes makes massage part of her regular routine, as well. Mendes says that her trainer, who's also a trained physical therapist, will give her massages with her Theragun post-workout.

"She really gets into my hamstrings. I laugh uncontrollably every time (because it's really painful!) but it's also ticklish. It adds to my routine and I like giving attention to my body in that sort of way," says the actor. And if you want to know what celebrities actually eat, Lucy Liu Says This Exact Diet Gives Her More Energy and Less Bloat.

She makes meditation a priority.

camila mendes taking selfie in purple jacket

Self-care has become non-negotiable for Mendes amid the pandemic, and meditation has been an essential tool in the actor's wellbeing arsenal.

Mendes says that when things get "overwhelming" at work, she retreats to her trailer to meditate. "I'll text production and say, 'Hey I'm going to meditate in my trailer for ten minutes. Please don't knock unless it's urgent.' And then I turn off all the lights, sit on the floor, take out my phone, and meditate using the Balance app."

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