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It's Cheaper Than Ever to Get a Costco Membership Right Now

Actually, you'll get paid for it.

If someone were to pay you to shop at Costco, would you? That's the question that Groupon is basically asking shoppers right now.

Groupon is offering a $40 Costco gift card, as well $40 off any online purchase that is $250 and up for anyone looking to join the 100+ million other Costco members around the globe. Since a Costco Gold Star membership is $60, the deal allows potential new customers to get $80 in extra cash – essentially paying you $20 to become a member.

Costco warehouse

And there may not be a better time to jump on the warehouse membership bandwagon as grocery receipts weigh heavier than ever. Inflation has sent grocery store prices skyrocketing by 8.5% and is word spreading that Costco may be increasing its membership costs by roughly the same percentage later this year.

While the Groupon is valid at all Costco locations in the U.S., however, it does expire on August 14. Additionally, to receive the incentives, the purchaser must agree to auto-renew their Costco membership. It also must be redeemed in-store at a Costco location.

These Are Costco's Most Popular Items Right Now

It's a good time to be a member, as Costco has seen enormous success. With net sales of $21.61 billion for the retail month of March, the warehouse chain has seen its stock market prices explode. The warehouse's recent popularity is likely due to the burden of inflation increasing consumers' desire to find ways to save money. Cost-saving and price-fixing are part of Costco's allure. Just look at the popularity of its gas pumps compared to other grocery chains. Plus, Costco tends to price-fix certain items, like its rotisserie chicken ($4.99), food court hot dog and drink ($1.50), and food court pizza ($1.99), among other items. While prices keep raising, Costco members feel secure that some things don't change. 

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Amber Lake
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