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Cher's Workout Routine Shows How She's So Fit At 75

Cher continues to "turn back time" with her youthful look.

We can always count on Cher to leave us in complete and utter awe when it comes to her one-of-a-kind voice, acting skills, workout routine, and, well, being a total icon. As the face of MAC Cosmetics, the singer and actress is making waves with Saweetie as they lead the makeup brand's #ChallengeAccepted campaign, which encourages fans to "show us what your look can do" on social media.

Cher's also making some pretty epic moves off the camera in her fitness routine—and shocker, it is major goals. The pop star shared her recent workout on Twitter, and it defines how she's incredibly fit at 75. Read on to learn why Cher says "WHOA" when tweeting her recent routine, and next, check out The 6 Best Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, Trainer Says.

Cher's workout is definitely something to say "WHOA" about

The 75-year-old singer revealed her recent workout on Twitter, and it's the kind of motivation we can all get behind. Her tweet reads, "Just came up from,Abs, Zumba,Yoga,Wall Sits, [sic]" and if you think she stops there, you best think again. Cher notes her workout for the following day, too, which includes a step class, yoga, and more ab work. She adds, "WHOA," in all caps—and rightfully so!

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The pop star's routine can inspire your own fitness goals

women doing group fitness dance class

You may already have specific workouts, classes, exercises, and workout apps you know and love. That's all well and good, but it never hurts to spruce up your regimen when striving to achieve your fitness goals.

Cher's recent workout may be the motivation you need to take your own routine to the next level of greatness. The singer is truly crushing the fit game at 75, and her routine features variety—from yoga, to abs, to Zumba, to wall sits—which is likely what keeps things interesting when exercise starts to feel mundane. The star revealed back in 2013, "I exercise about five times a week because it's something I've always done and I just enjoy it," and she continues to "turn back time" with her incredible, youthful look.

The benefits of yoga and Zumba are too good to pass up on

Senior couple is doing fitness training at home.

Just like Cher, you too can get your namaste on and Zumba it out. The health and fitness benefits of these two types of exercise are aplenty, with yoga being known to bring balance and zen into your world. Studies have shown that practicing yoga can also help you feel less stressed, sleep better, improve flexibility, and strengthen your muscles. In addition, Zumba is a fun way to reduce stress through exercise. Plus, it works a bunch of various muscle groups to tone your whole body.

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