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Ciara Reveals Her Plan for Losing 10 Pounds in 5 Weeks

The star has shed a staggering amount of weight over the past year and is just pounds away from her goal.

Singer Ciara has been on a mission to lose weight and improve her health in 2021, and she's now just mere pounds away from her goal. After gaining 48 pounds with her third pregnancy, the "Goodies" singer committed to losing the baby weight and reshaping her eating habits for good on the WW (formerly Weight Watchers plan).

Now, the singer reveals she's got just 10 pounds left to lose, and she's not wasting any time getting started. "It's a choice, and I've made a choice to commit to these last 10 pounds," Ciara said in a video posted to her Instagram on May 12. Read on to discover how Ciara's planning to shed the remaining weight fast. And for more celebrity transformations, James Corden Says Doing This One Thing Helped Him Shed 23 Pounds.

She's given herself a specific date to reach her goal.

ciara in a blue dress on the red carpet
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While Ciara admitted to her Instagram followers that "the [last] 10 pounds are the hardest pounds to get off," she's not letting that deter her.

"I'm giving myself five weeks, so I've already started two days ago—May 4th—so in five weeks, I'm going to check in with you guys," said the singer in a video posted to Instagram on May 12. "The struggle is real, but we've got this."

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She's being stricter about her eating habits.


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While Ciara enlisted her trainer, Decker Davis, to help her shape up and shed the last 10 pounds, the singer admitted that it's her eating habits that she's really cracking down on to reach her goal.

Her mission? "Being super on point with my eating plan, my eating regimen I've been doing with WW, because WW really helps me stay in pocket," she told her Instagram followers.

In recent Instagram posts, the singer revealed how she'd reimagined some of her go-to dishes, including making lighter versions of her favorite foods, like tacos, to aid her weight loss. And for the latest celebrity health and fitness news delivered to your inbox, sign up for our newsletter!

She's still allowing for the occasional cheat meal.

ciara's recipe for biscuits and gravy
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Even with her weight loss goal date fast approaching, Ciara is allowing for a few cheat meals here and there.

On May 14, the star posted a photo of her latest cheat meal to Instagram, showing off a plate of biscuits and gravy. "This is my fun day," she wrote. "I had to do it!"

She's revamped her portion sizes.

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One of the biggest changes Ciara says she's made to shed the weight is reimagining her portion sizes.

"[You] condition yourself to know you don't need as much as you thought you needed," she explained in a Feb. 2021 interview with Oprah for WW.

She makes exercise part of her daily routine.

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In addition to regular training sessions with Davis, Ciara has incorporated exercise into her routine whenever she can find time for it.

In a Jan. 2021 interview with SELF, Ciara revealed that even when she doesn't have time or incentive to hit the gym, she makes a point of going on regular runs with her dogs to stay fit.

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