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Costco Is Already Selling This Mega-Popular Fall Treat

Are you ready for spooky season?

While the summer's sweltering heat probably has you craving an ice cold drink, for Costco, it's never too early to start planning for chillier temperatures. And a recent social media post revealed that the warehouse club is already gearing up for spooky season.

Instagram user @costcobuys recently posted about how Costco's Halloween-themed hot cocoa bombs are officially available in the warehouse. The white chocolate treats, which are designed to look like bloodshot eyeballs, are filled with marshmallows that reveal themselves once the chocolate spheres melt in a cup of hot milk or water—just like the holiday-themed ones that have sold out at stores the past two Decembers.

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According to @costcobuys, the hot cocoa bombs are $19.99 for a package of 16, but the price may vary depending on location.

Despite the announcement coming around the summer's halfway point, many individuals expressed excitement about the product's reappearance. One Instagram user commented, "OMG I need those…Uuugh I hope they come to my warehouse….🤞🤞", while another person user wrote, "… if we find these at Costco we need to get them!"

However, other Costco shoppers weren't as enthusiastic about the early arrival of a Halloween-themed product. One user said, "It's….July??", while another person commented, "Stop!!!!! Im trying to enjoy the summer. Not time for Halloween yet!😭". Someone else wrote, "will they even still be good in October? 😵‍💫 why is halloween stuff out rn ?! IM SO CONFUSED."

The white chocolate hot cocoa bombs aren't the only sweet treats that have made a recent resurgence. In April, @costcobuys spotted the big box retailer's popular Raspberry Crumble Cookies selling for $9.99. Last week, the Instagram account noted that the 12-pack of cookies is now available for $11.99.

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